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St. George Island Family Vacation Part 2

Oh hey there! HELLO Wednesday! I didn’t mean to take such a break, but the holiday weekend was a much needed time to unplug and step away from my computer. Monday night, we wrapped up our weekend with our last night swim of the summer, and yesterday was a whirlwind getting back into the groove for the workweek. We also had Meet The Teacher, and the kids will start their new preschool tomorrow! So, it’s kind of a big week around here!

I wanted to hop on and share part 2 of our big family vacation from last month. I cannot believe it’s already been a month now, as of yesterday, that we were all together in our favorite place. I can still smell that salty air and hear all the cousins playing in the pool if I close my eyes hard enough. I’ve been slowly but surely going through my photos, as time has allowed, and it’s been so much fun looking back on our memories. As with Part 1, I didn’t take my camera out very much, mainly just in the mornings and evenings, as I tried to document the big moments quickly, and put it away. I actually took more video clips than I did photos, so I can’t wait to go through those!

This recap I believe should span days 3 and 4, which would have been Tuesday and Wednesday. On these days, we enjoyed sunrises on the beach (I’ll never forget the huge mess Barrett made every morning eating his muffin on the blanket – that boy!), fishing, had our family photos taken (still waiting to get those back!), spotted what we thought were two sharks but then discovered it was actually a giant Manta-Ray, celebrated Barrett’s first birthday with a little family party, watched a water spout form on the horizon, and took the big kids down to the cut, or the jetty as you might call it. It was so sweet getting to finally show Adeline where Mommy and Daddy got engaged, and it felt a bit surreal having her there! Oh yea, and Barrett walked officially for the first time during these days!

Ahh that golden light and my girl’s blonde hair and rosy pink cheeks. It’s just too much for this mama’s heart! I mean, if you don’t bury your legs in the sand, are you even a kid?? Quick side-note about this driftwood – it was washed up from Hurricane Michael in 2018. In fact, this entire end of the island at the cut looks a bit different from what it did before the hurricane, it’s pretty wild! For instance, the far jetty is now surrounded by water on all sides, from where Michael created another cut on the other side, where previously there was a beach. (There’s a deserted island on the other side.) It’s amazing how a hurricane can completely transform the Earth and a beach – so much so that you can compare satellite images and see an obvious difference!

I’ve got one more part to recap, so I’ll be back to share that soon.

In the meantime, we’ll be figuring out our new routine, so wish us luck!

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    Amanda Bumgarner
    September 5, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    So dreamy! I haven’t been to the beach in forever. Like, I’m thinking June 2015 was probably the last time I was at the beach. Need to go back!
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