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so we went rock climbing…

Last night I knew I’d be rushed for time to squeeze in a run because we had a double date night planned at the climbing gym. That’s right. Sometimes I do things other than run! But only sometimes. And today my extra heavy arms will fully support that statement. Before we headed out, I told Adam I still wanted to get a good sweat in before we left so I told him to just pick me up at Kroger. (if you read this post, you’ll remember that it’s only 2 miles from our house.) You elite runners will probably say, “2 miles is nothing and is totally not even worth it.” I beg to differ. 2 miles is better than nothing, and at 6pm when it’s still 90* my body was convinced I really ran 5. So, winning! Anywho, my run wasn’t exactly as smooth as I wanted it to be because I had to stop and pause the Garmin THREE TIMES to fix my bun. My hair apparently does not like running in a bun. Lesson learned! By the time I got to Kroger, I had somehow managed to take a detour which ended up making my mileage only 1.85. Boo. But, I knew I was going to have my butt handed to me at the climbing gym so I was a-ok with this. Mile 1 was 8:02, and Mile 2 (.85) said 7:04 when I finished.

I didn’t take ANY pictures while climbing. I oh so wanted to, but I didn’t even take my phone inside. Who am I?? My fingers and hands were so tired though that I don’t think I could have even mustered up the strength to pick it up! I’m always blown away by how AMAZING of a workout rock climbing is. Especially for a runner with no upper body strength whatsoever! It was a blast. It was challenging, defeating, frustrating, and rewarding all at the same time. I hate not being good at something, but climbing is something I have to accept that I will not be awesome at immediately! Or ever! But I will always try my hardest. My husband used to climb competetively in high school, so whenever he gets to go to the gym he’s like a little kid in a candy shop. Climbing is HIS runner’s high. I promise next time I will document his awesomeness, and the awesomeness of our friends.

As far as workout results go, I feel like my entire back got a fantastic workout! When we finished I felt like super woman, but today was brought back to Earth when it was difficult to pick up a pen and my purse felt like it weighed 20lbs. Muscles are sore today that I forgot I even had. It’s amazing how running all the time really gets you in the rut of always using the SAME muscles! I’m sure Adam wouldn’t mind if we started going more. My finger nails will mind though…they’re destroyed!

On tonight’s agenda is packing, cleaning the house, and getting a longer run in. I’ve got a wedding in my hometown this weekend so I hate coming home to a messy house, plus I don’t want Adam to have to worry about cleaning all weekend. Best wife award goes to me!

It’s almost Friday!!!!!!

P.S. I probably spent way too long today reading Ali’s blog. She lives in New York City and has Crohn’s disease, but battles it like a champ and is an awesome runner! It officially made me pumped about the marathon I just signed up for and I’m extra excited about my next race! This is the post I ended on, you should check it out!



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    Charlotte @ Commitness to Fitness
    June 21, 2013 at 10:36 am

    Ok first of all- 2 miles is NOTHING to scoff at. at least not to me. 2 miles is freaking awesome, especially at that pace, and especially before rock climbing!! i’m so impressed! and i love that feeling of working muscles you forgot you even had! And Adam is a rock star for doing competitive rock climbing in high school, thats so cool!

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      Sweet Miles
      June 21, 2013 at 11:52 am

      haha I’m glad you agree! I usually have a hard time feeling like 2 miles is enough of a workout, but in the heat it’s killer!! And I am WAY more sore today. I feel like I was hit by a bus!! I could barely lift my hairdryer. HA!

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