Sick Day Essentials

Happy Friday!

If you’re reading this, then it’s safe to say that I am alive and well today, and have emerged from this week’s sickness with nothing but a lingering cough. And by lingering cough, I mean sometimes it sounds like my throat might literally turn itself inside out. But hey, you win some you lose some.

Also, I sound like Rachael Ray. Which really isn’t a compliment.

Since I obviously haven’t been working out this week,  and have no running post to share with you, I wanted to chat about my favorite sick day essentials! My list of feel good items, if you will.

1. Saltine Crackers


And if none are on hand like this week for me, default to…

2. Chewy Chips AHoy Cookies


It’s 99% possible I ate an entire package while sick. It’s also 99% possible I really don’t care.

3. Nyquil or cheap equivalent


Seriously. Just do us all a favor, and knock yourself out :) If you buy the cheap equivalent brand, PLEASE buy a flavor. The green regular flavor is nasty!

4. Netflix and Hulu Plus


I’m almost all caught up on Parenthood, caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, the women tell all episode of the Bachelor, and finally watched Pitch Perfect.

5. Green tea & honey



6. Ricola cough drops


They work wonders!

7. A cuddly lab

photo (1)

just for safe measure…you’ll need one of these as a body pillow.

8. Grilled cheese & tomato soup


A bland enough meal for your tummy, and warm soup for your throat. Unless your sickness is in your sinuses, in that case you don’t need that extra dairy!

9. Sprite or Gatorade


I like to drink as much water as possible when I’m sick, but sometimes changing it up to Sprite or Gatorade makes a world of difference.

10. Aleve or Ibuprofen


For those aches and pains that just won’t go away. I didn’t have a fever, so I wasn’t worried about taking these.

11. A hot bath with lavender Epsom salt


I’ve been loving hot baths lately, and adding in lavender Epsom bath is like a quick trip to the spa. I didn’t take a bath while I was sick, but really wanted to! Chalk it up to laziness.

12. Orange juice based smoothies


Never a bad idea to add in some extra vitamin C!

13. Gurgling salt water


This may or may not help, but I’d like to think it does. Plus, any old person will swear by it.

Here’s to feeling better and getting back at it this weekend! If I can’t get out and run this weekend I might go crazy!

What are your sick day must-haves?


  1. says

    I grew very fond of lifesavers mints when I was sick a few weeks ago. That and peanut butter on tortillas — odd I know but it was the first thing that I could actually KEEP down.
    Ashley recently posted…March MadnessMy Profile

    • Sweet Miles says

      Peanut butter on tortillas? Sounds like something that would be pretty easy on your stomach, I don’t blame you!

    • Sweet Miles says

      Hahaha, yea, it’s the pits when you can’t taste anything!! I feel like I eat TERRIBLE things for me when I’m sick, but I just tell myself I deserve it!

  2. says

    I’m sorry you’ve been sick this week, but I’m glad you are better! I agree with all of your essentials except for the chips ahoy, and that’s just because I’m that weird person who doesn’t like most chocolate. But make it ice cream, or sugar, peanut butter or snickerdoodle cookies and I’m all for it! :)

    • Sweet Miles says

      Yes yes!! Ginger ale, or even Fresca! Anything Sprite-ish! I actually really like the diet Canada Dry ginger ale!

  3. says

    Right there with you! Currently battling some type of cold and hoping I can make it go away before it gets worse.
    I rely on Emergen-C, echinacea tea, toast, some type of (GF) soup, lots of water, a marathon of shows, and a box of the lotion tissues. They are so worth it when you’re blowing your nose every five minutes–definitely keep the dry, red nose at bay.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!
    Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork recently posted…Friday Favorite: Greatist Parcel FavoritesMy Profile

  4. Emily says

    I’m currently sick right now and these tips sound wonderful. I don’t feel like even moving when I’m sick lol. I could really go for some chicken soup and cheese nips right now. Any tips on how to not feel nauseous because I feel that way right now and it’s making me feel worse..?? :/

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