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Baby #2: Weeks 24-27

Hello there 28 weeks! We’re officially entering the third trimester TODAY and I can’t believe it. This has felt like the longest pregnancy ever in the history of pregnancies and yet somehow the third trimester snuck up on me! This summer is already shaping up to a busy one, so I imagine August is truly going to get here in the blink of an eye. Or maybe late July, who really knows! Totally possible he could come 9 days early, right?? There are still so many fun things I want to do as a family and I’m hoping we can squeeze in a babymoon weekend before it’s too late to travel. I want to make sure this summer is focused on Adeline, but I don’t think she’d be opposed to basically living at her grandparent’s pool, which miiiight be this preggo’s plan for surviving the heat.

Weeks 24-27 all seemed to blend together, so instead of breaking this post down week by week I’m just going to combine them all. The mid to late second trimester is totally the sweet spot when it coms to pregnancy, at least for me it is – when I finally feel good, still feel pretty, am feeling kicks and wiggles galore, can walk (mostly) without feeling like my hips are going to explode, and the regular aches and pains overall aren’t too intense yet. I know in a few weeks I’m going to be wishing gravity didn’t exist, so for now I’m trying to enjoy it while I can.

We’re still so thankful for a healthy pregnancy thus far, and can’t wait to meet our SON! Adeline constantly talks about baby brother, and based on how she’s been playing with her baby dolls lately, I’d say she’s ready to become a big sis.

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Weeks 24-27


  • Backache, lots of ice! Sometimes in the middle of the night when I get out of bed I can barely walk it hurts so bad.
  • Rib pain on my side in the morning
  • Lots of movement! So fun!
  • Uncomfortable sitting upright for too long
  • Heartburn…so much heartburn!
  • Braxton Hicks
  • Extra fatigue at night
  • Peeing 9847384 times an hour it seems like


  • ALL THE SWEETS – Oreo McFlurry, cookies, QT Mint Chocolate Chip milkshakes
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Donuts
  • Steak
  • Breakfast burritos from a little local mexican place with jalapeno green sauce
  • Chicken Express Mini Poppers
  • Taco Salad
  • Green olives


  • Nothing obvious stands out

Feeling Like: I’ve felt pretty good these 4 weeks and am finally enjoying this pregnancy. I’m getting really excited for labor and delivery, and can’t stop thinking about when he’ll make his grand appearance. I’ve decided I for sure don’t want to be induced this time so I’m anxious for what going into labor on my own might be like. Other than backaches being my biggest pain, I really don’t have a lot to complain about right now. Emotionally, I’ve felt a little bit of guilt for not being able to pick up Adeline a few times, or for having to go lay down when she wants to play because my back hurts, but I’m trying to give myself grace. I’ve also felt slightly overwhelmed a few times as a combination of hormones, toddler fits, and exhaustion. We’ve had some tough nights lately in the behavior department, but I know I’m just extra sensitive right now which makes every situation feel ten times more stressful.


  • Finished painting the nursery
  • Announced his name to our family
  • Took Adeline to see Beauty and the Beast at a children’s theater
  • Regularly seeing baby boy move in my belly
  • Planted my baby tree for Mother’s Day
  • Made the big girl bed transition
  • Made a few fun purchases for baby boy’s room, including his rug and some wall art
  • Had our 27.5 week appointment – total weight gain is up to 11 lbs, good blood pressure, baby is measuring perfectly though technically a few days ahead, and his heart rate sounded great!
  • Passed the glucose test with flying colors (Praise! Thank you exercise!)
  • RhoGam shot

Gender: BOY!

Movement: Lots of movement right now! He’s definitely getting into a routine and tends to move the most in the afternoons after lunch, at nighttime when I’m laying down watching TV, or randomly in the middle of the night. In fact, I’ve woken up to some pretty strong movements in the middle of the night, making me actually say “ouch!” His movements are getting to the point where we can see my belly wiggle from the outside, and it’s the coolest thing. A couple times I’ve felt a distinct body part, which is always slightly creepy! My favorite time of day is definitely laying down at night and just feeling him move – easily also my favorite part of pregnancy.

Exercise: During these four weeks I really concentrated on making sure I walked as much as I could to help with the glucose test, and to keep my blood pressure in check. I was able to walk 30-45 minutes probably 4, sometimes 5 days a week and I’m super proud of myself!

12 weeks or less until we meet this little guy, who’s been giving his mama a run for her money already! I’ve had so much fun dreaming about what he’ll look like – another Adeline but in the form of a boy? Will be look totally different than Adeline? We joke about how we already used our cute genes on Adeline, so what could we possible have left to use on another – but really! Genetics are crazy! It still blows my mind that we as women are capable of growing a HUMAN inside our BODY. Unreal.

Did you pass your glucose test every time? Did you ever have a summer pregnancy? Did your second baby come early or late?


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    May 17, 2018 at 1:20 pm

    Nolan came 7 days early 🙂 Wait, maybe it was 6. When will your doctor for sure induce you? Mine up here isn’t letting anyone go past 7 days anymore because ultrasounds are so much more accurate or something? No clue. Just curious but I hope you don’t experience it and can experience labor. I can’t wait to hear his name! Enjoy that pool at your in laws! I’d be there all the time. ha
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