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Quick Healthy Snacking While Breastfeeding/Pumping at Work

When it comes to being a pumping working mom, one thing is for sure: keeping tons of snacks on hand is a must!

It’s amazing how many calories you burn while breastfeeding, and pumping throughout the day is no exception. Right now I’m pumping three times while I’m at work – morning, lunch, and afternoon. And between pumping, I’m constantly trying to snack and drink a ridiculous amount of water (and the occasional cup of coffee)! Your body NEEDS the extra calories and water to help maintain your breast milk supply, and to keep your energy up. I’ve found that on days where I don’t snack enough, or drink enough water, my supply takes a bit of a dip. Truth be told, I feel like I can eat whatever and however much I want right now. But, that doesn’t mean filling up on junk!

I have several “go to’s” in my snacking-at-work collection so I thought I’d share. These are all super easy to grab and prepare, and make for great quick snacks. I try to focus on eating snacks that are somewhat high fat and contain a decent amount of protein or fiber. When you’re hungry around the clock, it helps so much to keep yourself fueled up.



I try my absolutely hardest to eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning for breakfast. Oatmeal is fantastic for increasing breast milk supply, and it’s super filling so you aren’t starving by the time you get to work! If I don’t get a chance to make it in the morning at home, I’ll eat a quick instant pack at my desk. Adding things like almonds or fruit is also a great way to sneak in some extra calories!

Peanut Butter & Hummus

healthy snacks while breastfeeding

This was one of my snack plates right before I went back to work. Now, I can still keep hummus in the break room fridge, and a jar of peanut butter with some crackers on my desk. It’s super easy to make a few quick peanut butter crackers either while pumping or between, and hummus is just an all around healthy snack.

 KIND bars/Granola bars


Lately I’ve been obsessed with these KIND granola bars. I usually eat their Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt bars, but these granola bars are also delicious! Since I’m cutting out dairy, finding things with dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate has helped me keep my sweet tooth at bay.

Grab bags of cashews, almonds, pistachios, and other nuts


Nuts are a great source of protein and healthy fat, and are suuuuuuuper easy to keep around. At the beginning of the week I made several little grab bags of my favorite nuts to put in my desk. You don’t want to eat an entire can in one sitting by any means, but eating a handful or two of these a day will help keep your satisfied.

Chicken salad

easy snacks to eat while pumping at work

One of my favorite snacks to eat while breastfeeding or pumping has been chicken salad and crackers. Chicken salad may not be the lowest calorie snack, but it’s got protein and a little bit of fruit added in, sometimes even celery and walnuts. And since my goal is to actually eat MORE calories, chicken salad fits the bill perfectly. I buy a container of it in the pre-made section at our local Kroger, keep it in the fridge at work, and scoop it out with some crackers whenever I’m ready. And even before I went back to work, I kept chicken salad on hand constantly.

Avocado toast


Avocados are such a great healthy fat! My favorite way to eat them is spreading them over a toasted everything bagel! SO good! I actually ate this for breakfast all the time before we got pregnant, but during my pregnancy the thought of eating an avocado made me want to vomit. Literally. Thankfully though, they are back in my rotation! If you have a toaster at work, avocado toast is super easy and quick to make.

Quick lunch: pre-made salad bags with leftover chicken or other protein on top


The pre-made salad bags they sell at the grocery store are actually super convenient. You can mix it all up in the very same bag, or use a different bowl. I like to add a little protein on top, and keep whatever I don’t use for later snacking. I think this particular one was a Summer Mixed Salad with some sort of vinaigrette dressing. The pre-made salads aren’t my favorite, but when it comes to grabbing something quick and easy that’s GREEN, they aren’t half bad! Just be cautious with the dressing, especially if you’re avoiding dairy.

Not pictured: smoothies!

I work super close to a Tropical Smoothie, so picking up something with a few servings of fruit in it is no problem at all! And, a smoothie is both filling and satisfying to your sweet tooth!

For more snack ideas, check out nuts.com! I recently discovered it, and am impressed at their selection. They have tons of healthy snacks available, including things other than nuts, like dried fruit. You can also make a custom trail mix or order a gift basket! Don’t even get me started on their dark chocolate page…I think I seriously might need those dark chocolate covered espresso beans!!

Disclaimer: I was asked to share nuts.com, and my current healthy snacking habits. I was not compensated.

What do you snack on while at work?

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    January 26, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    So so proud of you, healthy Mommy 🙂

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    January 26, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    The dark chocolate & sea salt are my favorite Kind bars, too!
    Also, I ate Walmart’s packaged chicken salad for lunch today.
    Basically, we’re kindred spirits–haha!

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