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Our Family of Four on the Fourth of July

It’s hard to believe this is our THIRD summer in our new house. We were discussing last night how it feels like living in Arkansas was a lifetime ago, but it really wasn’t that long ago and we were there for 5 years! This summer feels like the first summer we’re really settled. Our house is put together, we’re not dealing with anymore unpacking, I’m not pregnant, we have a good group of friends and feel connected and not totally new, and we have Barrett, making our family feel much more complete. 2019 has already been one for the books, and it’s been fun doing holidays and milestones as a family of four! This year’s 4th of July festivities were no different, and we so enjoyed the day’s events with our two favorite little humans.

With the holiday falling in the middle of the week, our local town held their big show on the 3rd of July instead. I actually prefer this since we’re all off work on the 4th, so we can stay out late on the 3rd and not have to wake up early the next day. This also allows for the whole day on the 4th to be spent swimming, lounging, cooking out, and spending time together without having to be anywhere for fireworks.

All but 5 of the kids between our small group! Adeline and Barrett have so many sweet friends to grow up with at church!

Wednesday afternoon, to kick off our festivities I went to Adeline’s preschool for their 4th of July Parade and loved seeing all the kids parade through the halls in their best red, white, and blue. Wednesday night, we headed to our friend’s house for our small group potluck tradition we started last year. They have a house that’s perfectly suited for entertaining, with a playroom upstairs that all the kids can hang out in and go wild! It’s so fun when we all get together, and we know the kids can be safe and contained, and we can all enjoy each other’s company while they play. After the potluck, we headed up to a school down the road where we put out our chairs to watch our town’s fireworks from a distance. AKA no crowd! It’s low key, and just right for all the kids, and less stressful for all us parents. Adeline had so much fun with her friends, and we’re so thankful God gave us this community to do life with!

Thursday morning, Adam woke up bright and early to knock out a 7 mile run with a friend of his. I slept in with the kids (except not really, Barrett woke up at 6:30, whomp whomp) and anxiously awaited his arrival home with Einstein Bagels. If you’re not familiar with Einstein Bagels, get familiar with them! We’ve loved them for years, and finally have a new one close by!

The rest of Thursday morning, the 4th, was spent around the house, taking it easy, before heading over to Adam’s parent’s house for an afternoon at the pool. What’s a 4th without a little pool time? Adam took his drone and got some fun drone footage of us playing in the pool as a family, and I can’t WAIT for him to take it with us to the beach! Barrett went down for a nap in the pack-n-play for THREE hours while Adeline got to spend some special pool time with just Mommy and Daddy.

Thursday night, we just had a simple family cookout, where Barrett got to try ribs and corn on the cob for the first time! To say he was a fan would be a huge understatement! Dude loves him some food! After dinner, we put the babies in the bathtub for much-needed baths before heading home just in time for them to pass out hard!

And that brings us to today! Adam and I are both working, and I kept Adeline home so she’d have an extra long weekend off of school. I think we’re all looking forward to a fun weekend, even though it feels like it’s been the weekend since Wednesday! I took advantage of only one 4th of July “sale”, and ordered a new area run for the living room. With the ottoman pushed up against the fireplace to keep Barrett out of it, it’s opened up more play space for the kids by the couch and I felt like we just needed something else down to protect the carpet and pull the room together! It will match the rug runner in the entryway, so I’m hoping it fits the space ok in general! And get this, it was actually MORE on sale today than it was yesterday during the actual sale!

Our next two weeks are going to be pretty eventful around here! Adeline has her first round of swim lessons, and Adam is running his first 15K! (EDIT: 25K!!!! Not 15K. He’s running a 25K!) I’m a little nervous how swim lessons are going to go, but they are so incredibly important that I’m willing to take the risk of her screaming her way through them in order for her to learn life-saving skills!

Prime Day is also coming up! Wahoo!! I’m planning on putting together a post for you of some things I’m on the lookout for, as well as a place for you to check back and see the deals I find throughout the sale! Stay tuned for that!

PS ICYMI! Earlier this week I reviewed Barrett’s new car seat! Be sure to check it out if you’re on the hunt for a new convertible car seat!

Tell me! How was your 4th? Did you swim, eat, and watch fireworks? Are you already in weekend mode?


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    July 5, 2019 at 11:50 am

    Of course, Sarah means I’m running a 25k…

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    July 7, 2019 at 10:30 pm

    My kids have swim lessons the next two weeks! This is R’s third year to do lessons, and J’s first! She still can’t actually swim alone, but I’m glad they are getting water exposure and more comfortable with it!
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