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NurturMe Toddler Snacks Review

I received the following product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Any other toddler moms constantly on the hunt for new and exciting snacks for their little one(s)? Adeline is a creature of habit and loves her usual favorites, but she definitely gets bored of them and starts wanting something different. She starts begging for our snacks, and let’s be honest – you better lay off girlfriend, Mommy’s not sharing! Especially because Mommy’s snacks are usually not as good for her, and certainly wouldn’t be easy on her little tummy. It can be hard to find snacks for her that I’m actually ok with her eating so when something new does come along, and it looks like a good bet, I’m all for trying it.

nurtur me review

I was recently sent a fun grab bag of NEW NurturMe toddler/baby snacks, and I knew Adeline would love them. Plus, with ingredients like organic quinoa, organic apple juice concentrate, organic sweet peas, organic carrots, and organic apples I couldn’t wait for her to dive in. This girl is not one to turn down food, so she was more than thrilled to test them out! Sometimes I think this growing girl would eat the whole pantry if she could. I’ve even been told by her teachers that sometimes at lunchtime, she eats her lunch, then finishes her friend’s lunch too! Needless to say, her tummy somehow always seems hungry and we are always in need of nutritional things to fill it.

NurturMe is known as the Tummy Friendly Brand™ and all of their products promote good digestive health. Their full line is gluten, dairy, soy, and egg free, and don’t contain any added preservatives, sugar, or GMO’s. Several of their products also contain probiotics, which are GREAT for those tiny guts! A happy gut = a happy kiddo!

So in the package were 4 snacks: Organic Quinoa Cereal, Veggie + Fruit Yum-a-Roo’s, Power Blends Banana Pumpkin Celery puree pouch, and Quinoa Squares.

Adeline’s clear favorites of the 4 were the Quinoa Squares and the Yum-a-Roo’s. She probably would have eaten both bags in their entirety in one sitting if we’d let her. I’m telling you, she’s a snacker! The Yum-a-Roo’s are like tiny pieces of dried fruits and veggies, perfect for those grabby little hands. The Quinoa Squares are like half-dollar coin size crunchy, crispy rice cakes. (But not rice cakes, that’s just the texture they remind me of!) Adam also loved these, so you can check husband approval off the list as well.

The Power Blend pouch is similar to your standard pouch, but it also helps boost their immune system. It contains simple ingredients, and will make the perfect on-the-go snack. Adeline was turned off from pouches before she even turned two, when she suddenly decided she was “too cool” for them. But over the past month or so she’s randomly had a few and sucked them right down! (We especially love applesauce pouches over here!) I’m looking forward to keeping this particular pouch in my emergency stash in her diaper bag.

We haven’t tried the Quinoa Cereal yet, because it’s technically part of their infant line, and Adeline is a little too old for it. I’m planning on saving it for baby boy, or perhaps gifting it to a friend in the near future!

Most of the NururMe products can be found on Amazon, so they’re super convenient to purchase. If you’re looking for fun, new healthy snacks for your baby or toddler, you should definitely check them out. Trust me, if Adeline didn’t like them, she’d let you know!

Have you heard of NurturMe? Do you purchase organic snacks or a mix of organic/non-organic? (We totally do a mix of both, everything in moderation!) Would you purchase your child’s snacks on Amazon or do you prefer going in-store?

*Happy Good Friday to all my readers who will be celebrating Easter this weekend. I hope you enjoy this special weekend, and spend some time reflecting on the power of the cross.

I’ll be back next week to share Adeline’s easter basket goodies, and I’m sure a family-filled weekend recap! I’ll also be sharing a pregnancy weeks 18-20 bumpdate.


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