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mother goose

This weekend was so, so nice! Now that we’re homeowners, we’ve learned to really appreciate Saturday mornings at home. Waking up whenever we want (well, you know, whenever our four-legged alarm clock goes off), lazily laying in bed as long as we want, and both of us getting a workout in before 9am! Fan-tastic if you ask me!

Before I get into Saturday morning’s run, Friday night I finally was able to get back into my routine and go for an easy run when we got home from work. It was the first time with my new custom orthotics, so I knew it would be a short run since they have to be broken in slowly. (I have almost FLAT feet, and I’ve been running on them the past year, so now that I’ve finally gotten proper support for my arches and the rest of my feet, it totally changes my posture and mechanics!) I opted to take Truckee, knowing she’d enjoy a short run/walk as well. She’s such a goober.

She started off strong, fearlessly running beside me, not pulling, and her tongue flailing in the wind catching bugs like a pro. I was really impressed with how much she’s improved her running-on-a-leash-game, special thanks to my husband running with her several nights a week. And then we got to “the hill.” For some reason she has something against it. I’m not sure what the hill ever did to her, but she was not going to have anything to do with it. We started running down it full speed, feeling good, when all of a sudden I felt a sudden tug on the leash and she had stopped in her tracks. She sat down, turned around to face up hill, back against me, and refused to move. I tried tugging on her leash, and all I got was a quick look over her shoulder and a prissy “hmmph”. I guess she needed a break. After some cuddling and assuring her that the hill was nothing to be afraid of, she finally ran on and we continued. What. A. Diva!!

All in all I think we did 1.75 miles, not too much, but just enough to get a crazy sweat on. I took her home and she CRASHED on the cold kitchen floor. She always begs and begs to go run outside, and then immediately regrets it when she realizes how hot it is and she is indeed wearing a black, fur coat. I really do love being able to take her running with me, and I’m hoping this fall when the weather cools down that she’ll be up for more mileage.

 While our dinner was in the oven, I actually squeezed in another mile and ran down to the water department and dropped off our water bill. Literally. It’s only about 1.20 miles from our house, so why not run there? Plus, the temperature had gone down about 1,000 degrees so I throughouly enjoyed it as well. Plus plus, when I came home our homemade pizza was ready to go! I ran that mile extra hard, and ate my fair share of pizza deliciousness.

So now onto Saturday morning’s run. I set out determined to just do an easy 3, and Adam set out with Truckee to do about 1.5 and then head to the farmer’s market in downtown Little Rock. Truckee is best when she only runs with one of us, so rather than frustrate both our workouts, we headed out and split ways. I quickly determined that running at 8am is not quite early enough. Not even not quite, it just isn’t. I was so proud of myself to getting out the door at 8, too!

I ran down the trail to the first little lake by our house, and as I was running along the dock, it looked like an atomic-goose-poop-explosion-zone. I kid you not. I could not believe how much goose poop was all over the dock!! I wish I had paused to document this ridulousness, but I was too hot to care at the moment. Seriously, someone should report this to the city of Maumelle to be cleaned up! I was hopping and skipping trying to avoid a catastrophe, but in the midst of my hopping and skipping, the meanest, most angry looking mother goose with her furry-gosling babies, looked me right in the eyes and let out the most satantic hiss I have ever heard!! I thought for sure I was done for. I was legitimately scared she was going to take off flying after me like this…

I shielding my eyes in case her beak came hurdeling towards me, and took off in the other direction. Mother goose, wherever you are, I will find you again! You grumpy old lady!

After the goose-scapade, I ran back towards the house and just weaved through the neighborhood until I hit 3.1. Good run, hot run, sweattastic, slight run in with nature…I’d call it a success. I wasn’t super proud of my mile times, but the point of this run was to enjoy it, get back in shape for my next race, and get used to the new Garmin.

The rest of the day consisted of editing photos, cleaning the house, and a get together with some friends that evening. Sunday was pretty much the same, only no goose-scapade. I’d call it a great weekend, one that didn’t quite last long enough, but they never do 🙂 Oh! Adam made a batch of those oatmeal energy balls yesterday…we ended up adding sunflower seeds to the ingredients I mentioned in this post, and they turned out great!!

Ever had a crazy run-in with an animal on one of your runs??


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    Charlotte @ Commitness to Fitness
    June 17, 2013 at 11:44 am

    Ahh geese are so scary! I never like running by them- especially when they have babies around- because they think everyone is a threat. they’re so mean! glad you made it out alive! 🙂

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    Anna @AnnaTheApple
    June 17, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Omg there’s a way to run faster!! Geese chasing you! I wish I could run with my dog but he’s fairly small and loves to sniff every single bush. Good job on your run!

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    Ari @ The Pace of it All
    June 17, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    Yay prety new purple Garmin! Love that color! And geez, geese seem so mean. I had no idea, I always thought they were nice and friendly. Crazy.

    I’m not a dog person but some days I think I’d LOVE a dog to run with. Ya know? Just let me take him a few laps around the park and then give him back lol

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