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Hi again!

It’s been a little quiet around here since Saturday. I’ve been battling a fun sinus headache, so I skipped the gym yesterday and tonight. Don’t worry, I was still productive. Like, watching Juan Pablo. Who else watched??


I know, Juan, I like to look at you too. It’s Juan-derful.

I should be back at it tomorrow. There’s only 6 weeks until half #6, and I’ve got to get crackin’!

Since I don’t have any exciting workout news today, I’ve got a fun giveaway instead!

Remember me telling you about Momo Bands? And the 25% off discount they’re offering my readers between now and Jan 31? Well, they also were generous enough to send me some of their newest styles to test out and show to all of you!

They sent 4 of their reflective bands, a fun bright colored geometric band, a smiley face band, and my favorite- white lace.


The reflective bands are SUCH a good idea, and I had never seen them before. If you run at night, or at dusk or dawn, having as much reflective gear on as possible can be a matter of a car seeing you or not.

On the back of all the bands is a velvet fabric, which keeps it from slipping off your hair, and I’ve found that it doesn’t pull my hair either.

On the end of all the headbands is a tightening system, similar to a strap on a tank top.

You can secure it as tight as you need to in order to ensure a  non-slip fit!

And now, the fun stuff.

I’m giving away THREE headbands, to THREE lucky readers. The 1) multi-color geometric, 2) the smiley face, or 3) the black reflective band could be yours.

You just have to do 3 simple things:

1. Like Momo Bands on Facebook

2. Like Sweet Miles on Facebook

3. Leave a comment, just one comment, telling me that you liked both pages AND which headband you would like to win, and why.

For a bonus entry, tweet about the giveaway, including a link to this post, and comment telling me that you did.

GO! Contest ends Saturday, January 25.

Did you enter? Have you heard of Momo Bands before? Are you keeping up with this season of The Bachelor?


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  1. says

    I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter (professional reasons) but I love these headbands and so awesome with the reflective aspect. I would love to see how they compare especially with the self adjusting clips!

  2. Tami says

    I liked both fb pages. I love the reflective bands. I run at night due to my crazy work hours and the more reflective material I can wear the better!!

  3. says

    I liked both pages on FB.

    I kind of like all the bands, honestly. The white lace is so pretty and different but the reflective band would be useful for early morning, pre-sunrise running :)

  4. Samantha Lockhart says

    Liked both pages! These headbands are so cute! I love that you can adjust them, Ive never seen a headband like that and Im always on the lookout for new running headbands. The lace one is too cute!

  5. Hayley Hentzen says

    I Liked Momo Bands on Facebook
    I Already Like you on Facebook 😉
    My Comment: I am looking for something that actually works. I love the little “bra strap” adjuster at the back, as I feel I have an unusually sized head! Love the reflecting ones!
    BonusL Just Tweeted about it!!


    Have a great day!

  6. Kishna says

    I liked both FB pages.
    I am in love with the black striped headband with the silver reflective strip down the center.

  7. Kerri Behel says

    Liked both pages! I’d love to win the geometric headband because I’m growing out my bangs and they need to be tamed while running :) But, ALL of them are adorable! And I love the adjustable factor!

  8. says

    Goodness these are adorable! I went ahead and liked both pages and think running in the dark with the reflective headband would be super helpful and reassuring for my mom :) She always asks why I run in the dark.

  9. Leah says

    I liked both pages on fb. I love these headbands. Already have the smiley reflective one, so I’d love to win the black relfective band since most of my runs are at night, and like you said…the more reflective the better! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  10. Em Ma says

    I liked Momo Bands and Sweet Miles on Facebook. I’d like the black reflective band because I think it would match with all of my workout gear and I desperately need a good headband – I seem to go through them like crazy; they never keep their elasticity for me.

  11. Sarah says

    I liked both pages! I would like the reflective band best because my favorite time to run is at night and I need more reflective gear!

  12. says

    I liked both, and tweeted! LOVE the geometric! Love your blog… we have very similar interests. I noticed you are wearing the Brooks Ghost 6. I ran my first marathon in October in the ghost 5’s (old model), and need new shoes. But the reviews on the 6’s scare me. What’s your opinion?

  13. Carla S says

    I liked both facebook pages (Reagan Caleb) and I would want the black reflective band because I am going to start running in the early morning.

  14. says

    I liked both pages. I love the lace headband so much! I don’t have any Momo brand ones, but I do have two other headbands quite like it and they are my absolute favorite! They never ever slip!

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