Memorial Day Weekend: Wedding Season

Hi friends!

Sorry for the brief absence, I have been one busy bee! I promise I will get back to responding to comments asap! But real quick, let’s recap this past weekend!

It was a wonderful, jam-packed weekend back in my hometown, complete with shooting a wedding and spending time with family. Friday night I got into town earlier than usual thanks to a half day at work. Being able to spend a couple hours catching up with my parents before the sun goes down is always much more enjoyable than lingering in the kitchen sometime around midnight!

Saturday, and if you follow me on Instagram then you already know this, I shot a gorgeous wedding in Arrington, TN for a sweet girl I went to high school with. The wedding was at a farm situated on a vineyard, and could not have been more perfect! The entire day went swimmingly, and was probably the most efficient wedding I’ve ever shot – we were right on schedule the whole day!

photo (34)

photo (36)

Shooting weddings is something I’m passionate about, but it took me taking an 8 month hiatus from weddings to remind myself of that. After shooting several dozen, and planning my own, I was burnt out! I just have three to shoot this summer, but constantly go back and forth on if I want to promote myself enough to go full time and take on more business. Maybe someday. Shooting weddings is a huge time commitment, and after Adam and I talked about it last year, I decided to slow down and free up more weekends for us. But, I honestly think being a stay at home mom and shooting, along with blogging, would be my dream. Only time will tell. For now, I still love working full time in the digital marketing world, but it’s nice to know I have a dream I could fall back on, if I ever chose to pursue it more seriously!

Here are the three sneak peek images I posted on FB, along with the link to a bigger sneak peek on my other blog.




Ok, enough wedding talk!

Sunday, I slept in (don’t judge- being on your feet for 12 hours is exhausting!) then we had all our family over for a Memorial Day cookout/birthday/nephew play time. I’m convinced my little Henry is the most precious little human ever, but I’m also still convinced that my brother can’t possibly be old enough to be a DAD!

Monday, I woke up early to get a long walk in with my mom, since I knew I’d be sitting in a car driving all afternoon. And right after that walk, I met up with my childhood best friend for another long walk through the cute little downtown part of our hometown, then met up with my parents at my dad’s office to take some photos. I’m redesigning and building his new website, so it’s been fun to have another creative side gig going! Not that I really need anything more on my plate…

photo (38)

To say I was active this weekend would be an understatement! A 12 hour wedding on Saturday, and two long walks on Monday morning made falling asleep last night quite easy! But, being active is just the way I like it! All of those cookout calories had to be put to good use!

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What did you do this weekend? Did you enjoy time with family? What is your dream job or passion, realistically or not?

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    • Sweet Miles says

      Haha right! It really is! Especially lugging a big bag around all day! Hope you’re exam went well..I know I’m late!

    • Sweet Miles says

      Girl I’m right there with you! They can be exhausting even just as guests – the most tiring part of shooting them is being on your feet ALL day long!

    • Sweet Miles says

      Yes ma’am! A lot of people don’t :) I know a few people who sell Arbonne…that’s good stuff!! I hope you still blog!

  1. says

    I can’t believe you have a FT job, blog, and do this on the weekends! Oh, and find time to run. Crazy!
    Love the pictures. And I hear what you say about thinking of things for when you have kids. I think I’d want to work part time, and am trying to make my way to making that a reality. Whether it’s blogging (doubtful at this point), nursing (working on that degree) or what I’m doing now (clinical research), I’ll figure it out.
    I’m working on my dream job–I’m going back to school to be a nurse and would like to combine that with nutrition and personal training to be a type of wellness coach. I’m not sure exactly what it will be in the end, but I’m trying to figure it out. :-)
    Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork recently posted…Mixing It UpMy Profile

    • Sweet Miles says

      Haha, girl me neither. It’s a lot! That’s so cool that you’re doing nursing, it’s a career that will always feel rewarding I think! It’s intimidating to think about future plans once kids come into the future, but I feel like I should keep it in the back of my mind, you know?

    • Sweet Miles says

      Same here, weddings are always a blast, especially if it ends up being a reunion of friends and family :) Whew, 20 hours is a LONG day!

    • Sweet Miles says

      Haha aww you are sweet! It’s so much fun – oh if only we COULD rewind! And thank you, they’re old leather Ugg’s from a couple seasons ago :)

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