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Loving Lately: Hello November

***In case you didn’t notice, I changed my Instagram name slightly. It’s now @sarahingle_1. I also turned my Instagram account Private for a few days as a way to try and stop my account from being spammed. Hopefully I can make it Public again soon! If anyone has any suggestions for stopping constant spammy followers, let me know!

Happy Friday! And Happy November! I can’t believe it’s already November. My favorite month absolutely flew by, but it was packed with all the things I love most – family time, fall themed everything, cooler weather, Adeline’s AND Adam’s birthdays, and the anticipation for Christmas season right around the corner. I was planning on sharing a fun sponsored post today, but felt a little more in the mood for a Loving Lately. I really enjoyed my “blog break” this past month, and truly feel recharged on the blogging front. Here are a few things I’ve been enjoying lately that I thought were worth mentioning!

Stranger Things 2

Anyone else a Stranger Things fan? I mean, I’m sure the whole internet is. But, we’re working our way through the new second season and so far it hasn’t disappointed! We loved the first season, so we’ve been anxiously awaiting the second season to be released. If we weren’t so busy this past week we probably would have binged it, so keep those spoilers to yourself!

Early Christmas Decor

Don’t judge me, but I may have purchased my first loot of Christmas decor for the season on Halloween. I’d been eyeing a handful of cute things at Hobby Lobby and while it was still 50% off I went ahead and stocked up! I don’t need much, because maybe my Christmas decor tub is already overflowing, but I’m excited about my new additions. I’ll be sharing a ‘new house Christmas decor’ post at some point later this season!

Black Booties

I’m usually a brown booties kind of gal, and am loyal to my Fryes, but lately I’ve been really loving these tall suede black booties! I don’t usually like black booties, except my Toms wedges, but I finally found a pair with a brown heel that sold me. I mainly purchased them to wear with dresses to church this winter, and I even found a cute pair for Adeline which she’s already obsessed with and wants to wear any chance she gets. Mine are from Old Navy, and A’s are from Carter’s. Both were very affordable!

Fertility Tracker/Ovulation Test Strips

I’ve never thought to try ovulation test strips, mainly because we never needed to. We got pregnant on literally the first try with Adeline, and within two cycles the second time. Now that my cycles are all over the place after the miscarriage, a friend of mine recommended trying this ovulation prediction kit to get a better idea of when I’m actually ovulating. I usually have a pretty good idea with the apps I use, but have never been absolutely positive since my cycles are sometimes really long. I’m curious to see how accurate these are though when compared to my app so it should be interesting. I’m excited to be a little more proactive and “cautiously optimistic” if you will. I’m not planning on stressing myself out though, but I figure it’s worth a shot! I figure if you’ve got a way to gain a little more knowledge, then why not??

Adeline’s Playhouse + Her Joy

This Step2 playhouse was Adeline’s BIG birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy and it’s been worth every.single.penny. Adeline LOVES it, and when she comes home from school the first thing she says is, “my house!!” and we run out to the backyard and play. It’s so, so sweet and she just cracks up while she runs in and out of it, climbs on it, and requests for us to sit in there with her. She is seriously a giant bundle of joy when she’s playing in it. I’m so glad we finally have a place for her to play with something like this!! I looked at several different styles of playhouses, but ultimately decided on this one for price, and it being on Amazon. It’s actually one that our old church’s nursery had and I have lots of memories of Adeline playing in it when she was tiny!

Target Joy Lab Sweatshirt

I’ve really been loving this sweatshirt from Target, and it’s my new go-to for going to and from the gym. It’s super cozy, and I love the cut – short in the front and long in the back. It comes in several colors, so snatch one up if you’re looking for something extra comfy!

Family Photos

We did family photos the night of Adeline’s party and I can’t WAIT to see how they turned out! We haven’t done proper family photos since this time last year for Adeline’s one year photos. I love the color palette we picked out and I think they’ll reflect a perfect fall scene. I wore this dress, and it’s already a new favorite. I think you could wear it several different ways – with a belt, with tall boots or booties, with a long cardigan. Ya got options!

Enjoy your weekend! Next week I’ll be sharing a full Qalo review as well as *hopefully* publishing a few drafts I’ve got on hand!

What are you loving lately??



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    November 3, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    Lots going on! My friend used those strips and they worked well for her- they always sounded intriguing!
    Katie recently posted…A Very Full OctoberMy Profile

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    Julie Running in a Skirt
    November 4, 2017 at 10:09 am

    A is getting so big!!!! She’s such a doll.
    I’m so sorry about your miscarriage… I hadn’t read about that yet. Such a hard thing. xoxo
    Glad you are back into blogging again- great to hear from you.

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