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Love a Man In Carhartts

Another weekend come and gone too quickly, but today starts a new adventure for our little family! Without going into too many details, we’ve made the decision to pull our little guy out of daycare, and will be keeping him home for the foreseeable future. We both work from home, myself full time, and Adam 3 days a week, so the long and short of it is that we just felt financially that it made more sense, and would give us the freedom to pay off some debt, put some money in savings/college accounts, and move towards some bigger family goals. (If you’re new to the world of hired childcare, paying for TWO at the same time, at a good, trustworthy facility, is more or less a second mortgage.) I’m excited, and nervous, because working from home with a baby is not for the faint of heart. But, Adeline will still be at preschool full time, and we are motivated to tackle it as a team. Wish us luck!

It was around this same age with Adeline that I snapped some cute blue jean baby photos of her in her little polka dot jean overalls. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite photo shoots of her, and we have one of the photos blown up on a canvas in the playroom. She was between 5-6 months old, and still rocking that dark auburn hair. Can you believe her hair used to be so dark? If you’ve been a reader since she was born then I’m sure you remember her before she turned into a total blondie! Anyways, I knew I’d want to take a few similar photos of Barrett once he reached the same age so I’d be able to hang them side by side. And yesterday, we made it happen.

Instead of putting him in denim overalls though, I wanted to capture him one last time in his Carhartt bib overalls before he outgrew them. There’s something so “little man” about Carhartts, and I’ll have to get him another pair once he starts walking! To mirror Adeline’s photo, we opted for the no shirt look, on a white background. Adam and Adeline both helped garner some smiles and giggles, and I think we got at least one suitable for the wall. (I actually didn’t even button the bottom of his outfit because I only wanted a top-half shot, so that’s why there’s not a ton of variety!)

While I was looking through my top favorites, a part of me felt a little disappointed because he wasn’t having the best hair day, and his eyes have been extra goopy lately from a lingering cold, so he just doesn’t look 100%. But, then I remembered that this is LIFE. This is our real, everyday life, and Barrett’s goopy eyes, and wild hair, is just a part of it, and I’ll always remember this stage. He may have eye boogers constantly, and overactive tears, and dry skin, and hair that falls in a million different directions, but when he starts smiling and giggling it’s music to my ears. And when he belly laughs while Adeline plays peek-a-boo behind me and the camera, my heart just melts! He’s just such a handsome, cuddly little dude, and I’m amazed everyday how my heart can love him so similarly, yet differently than Adeline.

I’m still deciding which to put next to Adeline’s – which would you choose? Also, please know I DID take a million more, I just dwindled it down for this blog post. I feel like looking back at Adeline’s overall pictures it looks like I took way more of her, but I promise I love my second child just as much, HA!

For reference, this is the photo we have on canvas of Adeline –

As always, thanks for reading, and following along with our little ones as they grow.


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    Heather Brown
    February 4, 2019 at 6:30 am

    Wow does he look like A in these! Oh my gosh especially the side profile. I love them all but I think I’d choose the 6th that sort of matches A’s but in the other direction.

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    February 4, 2019 at 8:14 am

    I’ve worked from home full time with both of my kiddos for the past 3 years. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it is SO hard, some times more than others. But if there is anything I can offer in terms of advice, it is get up earlier than the kiddos to make yourself feel organized and ready to tackle the day (empty dishwasher, get dressed, start work, coffee) and keep a structured nap schedule. You will come to rely on the naptimes to schedule work and it will keep the kiddo happy throughout the day!! Also, if needed, you can always find a college kid or nursing student, etc. to come in for a few hours as needed on certain days. While it is still paying money, it is significantly less money than fulltime daycare and keeps your sanity at times!!

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    February 5, 2019 at 5:44 am

    You guys make some pretty babies, with an insane amount of hair lol. I think I like the third one with the little smirk.

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      February 6, 2019 at 10:55 am

      Haha! The hair is crazy – I had a lot of hair when I was born so maybe it’s genetic??

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