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Laundry Detergent: DIY

Happy Friday everyone!! I seriously can’t believe we’re over halfway through JULY. I still feel like yesterday was Christmas.

Before we dive into today’s DIY project, I wanted to tell all you fabulous readers that if your blog URL is .blogspot, I am unable to comment on it during the day, (if I’m at work). And sometimes, .wordpress blogs won’t let me comment either, so it’s not that I don’t want to spread the love, it’s that the technology on my end blocks me from doing so! And also remember, I do read and try to respond to every comment, so be sure and look for it!


A few nights ago, as you know, some girlfriends and I set out to make homemade laundry detergent. My friend Shelby is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to what’s good and what’s not as far as healthy, natural options for household items and cosmetic/personal items goes.

I’d been wanting to find a recipe for a dry version, something easy to store, cheaper than a mainstream brand, free of unidentified fragrances, and SAFE for our skin. Shelby searched high and low for mixtures, and finally settled on a combination of ingredients that would work together perfectly. I wish I knew what blog the base for this recipe originally came from, so whoever you are out there, it works fantastic and we love it! We altered it by adding essential oils for a SAFE scent, (added IN the wash) and for course salt we used Epsom salt, although I’m sure sea salt would work as well!

Here we go!

You will need: (per mix)

-1 bar Kirk’s Castile soap (hypoallergenic, natural soap)

-1 cup Arm & Hammer Washing Soda

-1/2 cup Baking Soda

-1/2 cup Citric Acid (we found ours in the canning/mason jar aisle at Walmart)

-1/4 cup Epsom or Sea Salt (we used Epsom salt because we thought maybe it would be gentler?)

-Essential Oil fragrance of your choice (we had Jasmine on hand, but I’m thinking Lavender might be great too, bought at Whole Foods)

We bought all of our ingredients at Walmart and Kroger. Surprisingly, Walmart was completely sold out of washing soda, so I guess someone else had the same idea! Below are detailed pictures of each ingredient.

We made 3 separate bowls of the mixture so we could all take home a batch. The first thing we did was finely grate down the bar soap. This ended up being a workout, so get ready!

Don’t blame me if your kitchen table turns into a chemistry lab 🙂

Next, we mixed the remaining ingredients (minus the essential oil). We used our hands to make sure all of the clumps were out.

I’m sure if you wanted to make a huge batch for storage, it would be easy to double or triple this recipe, since that’s basically what we did.

One we had everything mixed up perfectly, we whipped out the mason jars and canned it up! This particular recipe mentioned adding a desiccant to the mixture to prevent clumping, which now that my mixture has been home for a few days I could definitly see the positive to that. I had to break apart some clumps last night before I did my laundry, but no big deal.

You will use 1 TBSP for a small/medium load of laundry, and 2 TBSP for a large load. I did my first load with it last night, including some whites, dress shirts, and some bright colors. Everything came out alive, and seemed to be just fine!

So there you have it, folks! Easy Peasy!

Here’s some info we found on what the ingredients actually DO:

The soap acts as a cleanser, the washing soda is a cleanser AND water softener, the baking soda removes stains and odors (duh haven’t you ever poured some in your running shoes??), the citric acid will brighten colors (who knew!), and the salt is a fabric softener!

I’d be interested to also try a wet version, but from all the research my friend has done apparently it’s pretty tough to master a wet version because it separates easier.

I’ll try to post about a new face cleaning regimen this weekend! Be on the lookout! Oh! And another SPECIAL THANKS to Mrs Jana over at Happy Wife Healthy Life for featuring another Sweet Miles post on her Best of the Week round up! There’s lots of great blogs listed, so be sure and check them out!

Have you ever made something like this? Think you’ll try it? What are your weekend plans?

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