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I wish that I had discovered this neat online workout journal a long time ago! It’s called Dailymile, and makes recording your workouts and tracking your progress super easy. Usually I just had a jumbled list in my head of what I’ve done and how my workouts have been going, but to have a place where you can log in and jot it all down is wonderful. Plus, it estimates calories burned, shows you your weekly totals, totals up all your miles of the year (or whenever you started dailymile) and you can follow other friends’ workouts as well. It’s almost like a social network for runners/walkers/exercise-ers.

Here’s what my “profile” looks like.

This was last week’s, which wasn’t impressive by any means! You can customize the look of it, (the brighter the better, duh!) add as many pictures as you’d like, find friends in your area, (yes, I have a lowly dos friends, but I’m new and don’t know many people who use this!) and they even have a donut tracker widget where you can track how many donuts you’ve burned. Bahaha I love this! I had it on my blog for a while but couldn’t get it to work right, so I gave up on my donut tracker, but when I log in I can easily find out! You can’t judge a girl for running more miles for more donuts! I like that for each workout you add you can write a note about it so you can rememebr how you felt, what you did, etc. I use the Map My Run app a lot on my iphone, but I don’t like that you can’t add commentary afterwards, so this is a good way to jot down a few notes before I forget!

Dailymile is really easy to set up too. You  just go to dailymile.com and set up an account, just like any other social media site. Then it asks you a few questions, and you can plug your information into your profile and you’re all set!

Plus, if you’re not like me and aren’t into the blogging scene, you can keep your daily mile journal private and just not make “friends” on it. No prob bob! But if you need some inspiration, you can scroll thru the homepage and see tons and tons of logged workouts! That will get you going in no time!

However, if you DO want a friend, my username is SarahI9 🙂

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