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Join Beautycounter: What Exactly is a Consultant

Updated April 2019 – the half off enrollment promo is no longer valid. Enrollment fee is back to the regular $98.

Hi friends!

It’s not very often I pop on here with a weekend post, but I wanted to share this great Beautycounter opportunity for anyone out there who may be interested, and need one final little nudge.

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As you know, I recently joined back up with Beautycounter to become a consultant, and I’ve had zero regrets. I’m so glad I said ‘yes’ again, and I’m loving this new adventure, or side hustle, if you will. Having been a Beautycounter customer and member for about 3 years, it only made sense to finally take the plunge and become a consultant again and I’m so glad I did. I can purchase my products for 25% off, share them with all of you, and help further the company’s mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone. Using cleaner, safer beauty products on myself, and my family, has become a priority, and I’m passionate about encouraging those I love most to do the same, too.

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The clean beauty movement is only growing in popularity, as more and more people become educated about what’s really in their everyday products. (Umm hello endless positive press featuring Beautycounter! If you haven’t seen Beautycounter in the news lately, check out my Facebook page where I regularly share their news features!) This isn’t a fad, or a trend that’s going to die out – this is a truth that’s needed to be told for a long, long time, and it’s finally gaining momentum. I’m so thankful to be a part of a company advocating for our health and working hard to protect our skin. One day, my daughter won’t have to worry about the ingredients in her makeup and skincare. But in order to make that happen, we have to put in the work now.

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To celebrate Beautycounter’s 6th birthday, and 6th year advocating for better beauty legislation for our nation, they are offering a HALF OFF enrollment fee for new consultants between now and March 7 (extended to March 10, 2019), with the purchase of a starter set. Instead of paying the regular $98 enrollment fee, you can pay just $49 to get started. You’ll then purchase a starter set – a deeply discounted curated set of our most popular products. This starter set is a great way to build the foundation of your Beautycounter collection, and even try some new products if you haven’t yet. (You do not HAVE to purchase a starter set upon enrollment. But if you don’t, you’ll still have to pay the regular $98 enrollment fee. If you’d rather pay the regular $98 fee and add individual products to your cart instead, you can do that too!) Oh, and if you’re already a Band of Beauty member, you can join right now for just $20!

Within the enrollment kit, you’ll receive everything you need to start your business, hobby, side-hustle, passion project, journey – whatever you want to call it! It will give you the confidence you need to share BC, and set you up for success. You’ll receive helpful information, brochures, business tools, as well as a tote bag and pouch. You’ll also receive the overnight resurfacing peel and color intense lipstick. Basically, the value of the enrollment kit itself far exceeds the $49 discounted price.

So now that you’ve decided to join, what exactly is a consultant? And what are the requirements? Here are the answers to the questions I’ve received the most often:

Q: Do you have to recruit?

A: Nope! There is no requirement to recruit whatsoever.

Q: Do you earn commission on your sales? How much?

A: You earn 25% on your sales, with the opportunity to earn more when you build a team.

Q: Is there a sales requirement? How much? Is it doable without annoying all of my friends?

A: Yes and yes! There is a 6 month sales requirement of $1200. This equates to $200/month if you break it down. It is so doable, it’s not even funny. I reached my goal within the first month, and can confidently say, if I can do it, you can too! For. Real.

Q: Do my own purchases count towards the sales requirement?

A. Yes! How amazing is that??

Q: Can’t I recruit a few people under me then just make money off of them?

A. Beautycounter has a very fair compensation plan, and rewards hard work and integrity. You could recruit 1,000 people under you, but you’d still have the same sales requirement as everyone else. And someone under you could easily make more money than you. Beautycounter considers themself an education-first company, but in order to help spread their mission, they need honest consultants who are willing to put in the work, and not mooch off of someone else’s hard work. It’s true that the more people you recruit under you, of course you have the opportunity to earn more commission, but you still have to hit your own sales requirement to remain an active consultant.

Q: What if I haven’t tried all the products? Do I have to buy everything?

A: No problem at all! I still haven’t tried tons of products either, and to be honest, there are several products I have no interest in trying in the first place. Just purchase what you love, try the things you’re most interested in, and don’t worry about it! There is no requirement to have tried everything, and you certainly don’t have to own one of everything!

Q: How much of a discount do you get if you’re a consultant?

A: As a consultant, you can purchase products at 25% off! If you’re going to be purchasing products on a regular basis, and sharing about them just as often, you really have nothing to lose and may as well sign up as a consultant. The 6 month sales requirement will work itself out, and I promise, if you are passionate about the products you love, they will sell themselves.

Q: What if I don’t hit the 6 month sales requirement?

A: If you don’t hit the requirement, your consultant status simply drops down to a Band of Beauty membership, where you’ll receive free shipping and 10% back in product credit*. (3 years ago when I first joined as a consultant, I eventually decided to just let my consultant status drop to a BOB membership and was a BOB member until I joined again as a consultant in January.) *BOB product credit changes to 10% effective 3/11/19

Q: Do I have to have a lot of followers on social media to be successful?

A: Absolutely not! I think anyone can be as successful as they want to be, regardless of how many followers they have on social media. You can share about your products online, face to face, over the phone – if you are passionate about BC and their mission, the products sell themselves.

Q: Why doesn’t Beautycounter just sell their products in all major box stores?

A: Gregg Renfrew, our founder, can answer this better than I can. Check out her explanation HERE. (note: this video is from 2015, and since then BC has opened up a handful of small retail shops, as well as participated in occasional retailer partnerships like with Target in 2016.)

Q: What if I’m scared to become ‘one of those’ people? What will people think of me?

A: Who cares? At the end of the day, if you’re taking steps towards reaching whatever goals you might have in mind, good for you, and who cares what anyone else thinks of you. Especially strangers on the internet. Let them think whatever they want to think. If you’re pursuing this with positive intentions, a joyful heart, and a little bit of passion – you’ll probably surprise yourself with what you’re capable of. That’s what I keep telling myself, at least! I think there’s a way to share your heart and things you love, without crossing that line of feeling like you’re begging people to buy from you. Just share what you love, and the rest will fall into place.

If you’re ready to join, I’d love to have you on my team. You can learn more about becoming a consultant HERE. If you just want to chat about it, you’re more than welcome to message me or email me – sarahingle.bc@gmail.com. And if you could care one lickity split about Beautycounter, that’s ok too! We all have our passions, and it’s ok if they aren’t the same! 🙂 Whether you’re a SAHM, a working mom, a college student, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a young professional – wherever you are in life, Beautycounter just might be a great option for you.

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