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Inglesgiving 2016: Our Turkey Day

This Thanksgiving was another holiday spent just the three of us. Last Thanksgiving we had a newborn so we stayed home, and this year our little lady wasn’t feeling so hot. She seems to be on the mend today, so I’m hoping she’ll kick this virus sooner rather than later! Spending a big holiday without extended family can be lonely, and quiet, but we tried to pack our day full of our own traditions, and memories.


We started the morning off right, by watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We were both exhausted from being up most of the night with our sick girly. I ended up sleeping on the floor in her nursery because she would.not.let.me.put.her.down. Woof, such a long night, but desperate times. Anyways,  Adeline loved the parade as much as I thought she would – staring at the screen, “dancing” and smiling in-between running around the house like a crazy lady. After a while, we put her down for her long morning nap and she conked out for about two hours. Praise the good Lord above because she was cranky pants and we had some serious cooking to finish up.


While we finished cooking the chicken (let’s just pretend like we made a big juicy turkey), we ran over to the lake to snap some family photos with my old friend, mr. tripod. We also included Truckee on a whim – mainly because we don’t have a single picture of the four of us! So I figured while the park was empty, we could get Truckee to cooperate easier. I love how our little family photo turned out, even if we do look a bit awkward and you could fit a building between us. Who knew holding a baby, and running back and forth pressing the camera timer could be so difficult! Super mom right here.


Around mid-afternoon we finally sat down to indulge in our feast, which could basically feed a small army. Whoops! (But how do you cook casseroles for just two people??) The name of the game is leftovers, so I am a-ok with it. How long do leftovers last? I’ve already hammered out a pretty big dent since our feast, but I’m thinking if we don’t finish it all by Saturday night, we might should freeze it, or dump it. Or invite someone over to eat it!


Thanksgiving night we pretty much lounged around watching abc’s disney special, and I started my Black Friday shopping online. I ordered several things from Carter’s that I’m suuuuuper excited about, and all for 60% off plus an extra 25% off $50+, plus free shipping. Shopping for Adeline is so much fun – who knows if I’ll ever have another girl or not, so I’m spoiling my first at every chance I get! She just melts my heart every time I get to dress her up in an adorable outfit and I just can’t help it ok???


Last night, I thought Adeline was going to have a good night because she went down super easy, but she ended up waking up crying/coughing again at like 3:30 am, and I don’t think we really got her back to bed until almost 6:30 am. Oy. So needless to say we’re more than ready for her to be over this RSV!


Today, Adam worked a half day, and I played with Adeline all morning then got her down for nap. She ended up sleeping for almost 3 hours!!!! Poor girl. While she snoozed, I did some more online shopping and knocked out a nice big Shutterfly order. Everything was basically 50% off, free shipping, yada yada the whole nine yards. Shutterfly is just the best!


This afternoon we headed to the outlet mall for a little shopping. We ended up just picking up a few necessities for the three of us like shoes for Adeline, some workout tops from Under Armor that were crazy on sale for me, and some socks for Adam. Exciting times around here!! We resisted all of the glamorous sales in most of the stores, although I just about died when we walked into the JCrew outlet and everything was like 60% off. Being an adult has never felt so hard!


I feel like both our families are at that stage where Christmas is more about spending time together and less about gifts. Everyone always says they don’t want anything, and really, nobody needs anything. It’s definitely easier (read: more affordable) now to gift everyone now that most of the focus is on the kids, and the adults just get each other a couple little things, or even draw names. As much as I could come up with a big list of wants, there’s hardly anything I feel like I can’t live without. Maybe it’s because we have so many kiddos at our Christmases now, but it is certainly more special than ever before to just be able to be, and be together.


Tonight, I went to the gym for a whole TWO HOURS, thanks to daddy daycare. What a guy. He gave Adeline dinner, did bath time, and did her whole bedtime routine just so I could not be rushed at the gym for once. It was glorious, and I worked my butt off. I haven’t sweated that much in a long time, and I left the gym feeling strong, and refreshed! Now that I’ve gotten my three workouts in this week, I’ll be back soon to recap them.


Wow, ok, are you still reading? Kudos to you. I’m just about ready to pass out over here, and I’m hoping hoping hoping Adeline sleeps through the night and wakes up feeling back to normal!!! Mama bear cannot handle another 3 am-er. I’m also gonna need all this snot to dry up because the Nose Frieda is the absolute most disgusting, yet strangely rewarding, thing I’ve ever had to do. Like for real, if I think too hard about it I could almost throw it! Snot suckers = sick nasty miracle workers.


Hope your Black Friday was a success! Tell me what you did! What sales did you shop?

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    Katie @ Live Half Full
    November 26, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    This weekend has been awesome for us too- lots of good food, some online shopping, lots of time as a family! Buel hasn’t been sleeping through the night lately and it’s been tough so we’re in the same boat! I hope we can all get some sleep soon!
    Katie @ Live Half Full recently posted…Why I’m Grateful For This Year, Despite All Of The Hard StuffMy Profile

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      November 28, 2016 at 3:05 pm

      What is going on with these silly babies? I hope Buel is giving you some more restful nights now! PS I’m obsessed with your house!!!

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    Julie @ Running in a Skirt
    November 28, 2016 at 8:43 am

    What a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your family is so beautiful! Hope Adeline is feeling better now.

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      November 28, 2016 at 3:03 pm

      Thank you Julie! She is feeling much better!

  • Reply
    November 29, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    Aww, hope your girl is feeling better soon. I like your family picture! My dog wouldn’t sit still for one lol. I agree with you on the gift giving. We don’t have kids but my husband and I usually just give each other clothing or kitchen things. It’s really less than $100. I’ve never been a big fan of giant elaborate Christmases.
    Virjinia recently posted…Thanksgiving Weekend Recap!My Profile

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