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i did it all wrong

Yesterday was one of those days. I did it all wrong. The night before I stayed up two hours past my “bedtime’ watching storm coverage, my dog then kept me up the rest of the night snoring like an old lady, I drank too much water before bed and had to get up to pee, then the dog had to pee, I woke up from my not-so-restful night looking less than fantastic, forgot to brush my teeth before leaving for work, drank approximately 3 (3!!!!!) Diet Coke’s throughout the day, gorged myself with Jason’s Deli for lunch, went up to the break room and got a Snickers bar to keep me awake during the 2:30 slump, and maybe squeezed in 1 glass of water before it was time to go home. Fail. Good thing I was planning on running last night too. I didn’t exactly set myself up for success!

I wanted to go to the gym anyways and get a good run in because I hadn’t been able to run since last Thursday, and 4 days off in a row makes me antsy! When I got there, my favorite treadmill was open. Good sign. I hopped on and got my Pandora station ready to go. Imagine Dragons- “Top of the World” came on. Happy! The AC at the gym seemed to finally be working. Praise! I started running and set my pace at what I felt like I could build on top of. Then ay mile 2, I bumped it up, and againat mile 3. Lately when I’ve been working on my speed on the treadmill I’ll jump off before mile 3 and stretch my left foot and then do mile 3, but today everything felt fine and I didn’t feel a cramp coming up! So, I kept going strong and figured I’d just try to see how fast I could get my 5K time down to!

Mile 1- 8:34

Mile 2- 8:20

Mile 3- 8:00

Mile .1- ? 30-45 seconds maybe??

My time at mile 3 was **24:54** so either way I’m pretty sure I hit a PR! I’m also pretty sure I looked like a doofus because I’m pretty sure I was smiling when I finished. I was ecstatic though to finally prove to myself that I AM capable of running a solid 8 minute mile!! For some reason the low 8’s are such a mental block, but now that I’ve done it once, I know I can do it again! My time is added up on my calculator because apparently I forgot how to do simple math.

AND I wasn’t dying either!!! Best feeling ever. Although it paled in comparison to these feelings:

25 of the best feelings in the world

So, what blows my mind is how my terrible day somehow produced one of my best runs. Maybe it was because my legs were fresh? Or because I was so determined to just make it happen anyways? Either way, I think it just shows how mental running is. Regardless of how unpreppared I was, I thought I could, and I did.

I forgot to write about Monday’s workout. Or kindof-workout. Adam and I took Truckee to the lake, and Adam ran (he’s doing so good!) and I threw Truckee’s bumper for her until she got some of her crazy energy out, and then ran a mini lap around the lake with Adam. She is still struggeling with running BESIDE me and not wanting to suddenly dart off behind me. And it almost looked like she was limping a little so I tried to take it easy on her- I think she twisted something when she was running for the bumper and tripped in a little groove in the ground. I think after a few more runs with treats for when she’s paying attention, she will be good to go. Monday was just an off day I suppose 🙂 We dubbed it Monday Funday since our workout was pretty laid back.

When we got home we tried the Power Ice sample that our local running store gave us! It tasted like a gatorade popsicle! The perfect cool-down for Monday’s HUUUUMID afternoon! The cool thing about Power Ice is that it’s got electrolytes in it! It’s meant to be eaten before or after a hot workout so you can cool down your core and last longer in the heat. Or, recover faster! We will definitely be buying a few more of these for this summer! We shared the lime-kicker flavor, but Adam had the orange blast flavor over the weekend and really liked it as well! Yummy!

AND last night my pro compression socks came! However…I’m going to have to exchange them for a smaller size.

Whomp whomp. I ordered the size Small which is what it told me would fit my shoe size, but when I tried them on they were HUGE. The heel of the sock up past my achilles and I had to fold down the tops of the sock because they were too tall for me. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the material, yet, so I’m hoping to exchange them for a smaller size and give them a second chance!

I think that’s all for now! Sending prayers to our Oklahoma neighbors to the west!

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