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So I wasn’t kidding. I said I was going to start a running/fitness blog, and here we are!

I guess when I put my mind to something it inevitably happens.

I’m excited to finally have an outlet where I can write about my next-in-line-passion to photography: running.

My hope is that I can mainly use this blog as a sort of record keeping to track my progress as I aim for not just a marathon in December, but also to become an overall better runner, and live a healthier lifestyle. My view on blogs is that if you’re not interested, then you don’t have to read them. I’m hoping that others who are equally obsessed with running as I am will somewhat enjoy my antics! I’m also hoping for two things: 1) to have my dad chime in on occasion on nutrition advice, and other chiropractic-related things he’s always talked to me about such as my feet pronating and maintaining proper alignment, etc. and 2) to have a place to blog about all those sweet things in my life…i.e. those delicious desserts and sweets that I’m constantly making and craving!! Hey, so what if I run more so I can eat more?!

Here we go!!

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