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Happy 5th Birthday Adeline

My sweet Adeline. How did we get here? How is possible that 5 amazing years have flown by? You are the light of our lives and you changed our hearts forever the moment you were born. You’ve grown up so much and morphed into our favorite little girl, our BIG girl! We love how fiercely you love, how aggressively you snuggle, and how deep you feel. You continually amaze us, in more ways than we can count.

You’re smart, funny, creative, inquisitive, curious, joyful, friendly, and kind. But, you’re also headstrong, passionate, strong, and sassier than all get out. We’re pretty sure it’s because you’re so stinkin’ smart – you are smarter than we are! You’re thriving in preschool, building LEGOs like a pro, loving books and magazines and art projects. You love to play outside, anytime of day, and still find new ways to entertain your baby brother in our tiny backyard. You love to run and run fast – you have one speed and we love it. You love family days and family breakfast dates even more. You’ve never met a cinnamon roll you didn’t like. Unicorns are your love language, and I’m convinced “Uni the Unicorn” was actually written about you. You’re happiest with a fresh pad of paper or a new coloring book, a new set of markers or pens, and all the time in the world to doodle and practice your writing. You’re writing so many words, and I still secretly want to get a tattoo of your handwritten name (little dotted i, capital backward N, little e). Your love drawing or coloring us pictures and surprising us with your art on a daily basis. You look out for your baby brother and often tell us, “It’s ok mom and dad, I’ll watch Barrett!” You’ve still not had a haircut, and I’m head over heels in love with your golden locks. Though, I can see brunette trying to grow in beneath. We think you’re the most beautiful little human we’ve ever seen, and we thank God for you every single day and night.

We love you so much Adeline. The sky is truly the limit for what you can and WILL accomplish. We are confident you are going to move mountains and change lives.

Happy Birthday our sweet angel!

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    Rebecca M Sawyer
    October 23, 2020 at 7:31 pm

    Happy birthday Adeline! Your parents love you so much!

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