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Father’s Day + A Challenge In Realness

Happy Monday!

Did you have a great Father’s Day weekend? Ours was pretty low key, which as you know, is how we prefer things these days. Adam was actually out of town all day Saturday in TX, so Adeline and I had the day to ourselves to do some Father’s Day crafting and other non-packing activities. Speaking of the latter, we have yet to pack. It’s fine, the magical packing fairies will come do it all for me, right? Ay ay ay, we pretty much have to pack EVERYTHING this week, so if you need me I’ll be buried under boxes.

Let’s do a quick weekend recap, then we’ll jump into today’s topic. Sound good?

So Saturday morning, Adeline and I woke up, and quickly left the house to run a few errands before the nap time crankies set in. We hit up Walmart for some craft supplies for Adam’s FD gift, swung by the lake to watch a local festival, then came home and put our crafts together. After nap time, we baked a batch of Adam’s favorite sugar cookies, and attempted to ice/decorate them. I fully accept the fact that I am no wizard in the kitchen, nor will I ever be, so really this was one of those A for effort occasions. Adeline loved watching me make the dough, and afterwards she ran around the house like a crazy person as if she’d somehow inhaled all the sugar just by being around it. (Side note – I tried to give her a tiny bite of one of our cookies and she refused. Whose kid is this?) By the time the cookies were cooled and the icing was set, it was almost time for Daddy to be home. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t keep Adeline up any longer and she passed out almost as soon as I laid her in her crib. This weekend she was so cuddly at bedtime/naptime. It really warmed my heart, and I found myself taking in her sweet smell and heavy little body curled up in my arms, as much as possible. Sometimes I just wish I could rock her all night long.

Sunday, we gave Adam his gifts, then headed to church and out to lunch. The rest of the day was spent napping, and again, doing non-packing activities because I’m ignoring the fact that we still have so much to do! Adam actually went out shopping, and treated himself to a few things he’s had his eye on. Happy Father’s Day to him! (Oh, and he bought us a new coffee maker that brews in 3 minutes!!!!! THREE MINUTES! It’s amazing.)

Sunday night, I did something RARE. I mean, like really fare. I took an hour long bubble bath, and read a book. By myself. With the door closed. TV off. No nosey toddler or lazy dog all up in my business. Just me, and my Elmo bubble bath. It was fantastic. I started reading Emily Ley’s, Grace Not Perfection, and I’m not kidding when I say it spoke to my soul! Which leads me to the point of this post.

A Challenge In Realness

As I was reading Grace Not Perfection last night, I could see myself thru its pages in so many ways. Overly busy, overly tired, always saying yes, trying to please everyone, trying to make my social media worthy of likes and new followers, trying to be the perfect mom and wife, even though my house is a disaster, I cry all the time because #toddler, and I act like I’ve got my you know what together! I think we’re all like that! Can anyone else relate?? I mean, I got this book for Christmas, and it’s taken me 6 months to even crack it open. That’s pretty sad.

I read the first ~60 pages, and if I wasn’t shriveled up like a prune in lukewarm water, I would have kept reading. I can’t wait to dig back into it tonight, and put its wise words into practice.

The book just really got me thinking, and I wanted to share a quick excerpt from it. Within literally the first three pages I was already nodding my head in agreement and feeling guilty because of how true it is.

Without realizing it, many of us have decided to let the world tell us what the “good life” looks like. And, sister, this isn’t it. The perfectly constructed, magazine-worthy life does not equal happiness. Happiness isn’t found in the prettiest Instagram feed or in a large number of Facebook friends. True joy isn’t found in having it all together. The good life is rich, slow, real, and flawed…You are enough. You deserve simple, slow, and sweet…

Can I get an amen?

I don’t know about you, but somedays I roll my eyes so hard at Instagram I think my eyeballs are going to shoot out of the back of my head. Those perfectly curated and styled feeds sometimes leave me feeling inadequate and jealous. Somedays I’ll share a picture and the lack of likes will leave me feeling frustrated and annoyed. Somedays I’ll read a friend’s blog about her perfectly styled new home, complete with Pottery Barn this, and IKEA that, and I’ll find myself once again fighting the green eye’d monster.

But you know what?

WHO FREAKING CARES? When did life get this way? When did everything suddenly revolve around social media and what everyone else is doing? When did life become based solely on likes, comments, and followers? When did the mantra, “if you don’t share it, it didn’t happen” become reality?

I get it. I really do. I work in the social media/influencer industry 40+ hours a week, and then work on my own stuff outside of that. So if anyone gets it, it’s me! But, there’s more to life than that! Social media and blog life, is not real life, and it’s not real joy! Shame on us for letting social media define our happiness!

I received a message on Instagram this morning that, without quoting it exactly, went something like this…

Your blog posts make me feel less crazy in this mama world.

It could not have come at a more perfect time! I told the sender it made my morning, and it really challenged me to remain true to myself, both on my blog and on social media! I’m sure fellow bloggers can relate! Somedays I wonder if I should even keep blogging, but then I remember why I started my blog in the first place, and I’m thankful for gracious readers like that who encourage me, instead of tear me down.

So, that’s my challenge to you. To be real. To be YOU. To not try to be someone else on social media, and to not get so wrapped up in your feed that you forget to truly experience life around you. Put your phone down, it can wait. Unfollow people who don’t bring you joy. Delete social media apps that take you away from your family.

I try really hard to show the real side of motherhood through my blog, and social media, but sometimes it’s awfully tempting to hide the messy stuff. To hide the stress, and real emotions, and rawness. Social media is a highlight reel, and I think we all need to remember that sometimes!

And with that, I’ll let you get on with your Monday. Go kill it, girl. Do your thing.



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    June 19, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    Such a great message 🙂 That sounds like a wonderful book!
    montessoriishmom recently posted…Father’s Day Weekend HighlightsMy Profile

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    June 19, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    Love that message you got and it’s true!
    Katie recently posted…Welcome, Summer!My Profile

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    Kelly Runs For Food
    June 20, 2017 at 9:25 am

    Love this! It is so true. It’s natural to want to show the world the best parts of your life, but it can definitely lead to the thinking that everyone else’s lives are so perfect, when we all know they’re not!
    Kelly Runs For Food recently posted…Father’s Day WeekendMy Profile

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