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Family Fall Photos 2018

The idea of taking family photos can sometimes strike fear in the heart of every husband. Sheer terror, I tell you. As if taking photos is somehow physically painful. Thankfully, Adam has come to accept the fact that his wife will forever and always insist on regular family photo shoots and simply saying, “yes, dear” will make the whole process go off without a hitch. Anyone else relate? I keep reminding him that one day he’ll look back and be glad we have so many photos. I’m a huge advocate for family photos, especially with kids, and will never regret having them taken. Even if they’re stressful, a pain, and result in more than one meltdown, the result is always cherished and will last forever. I’ve heard this quote time and time again, and can’t help but take it to heart, “one day, all your children will have is pictures of you, so make sure you’re in them.”

This year’s fall family photos coincided with B turning 3 months old, so we used them as his 3 month photos as well. Really, he was more like 3.5 months old, but who’s counting. Our fabulous SIL once again outdid herself, and captured our little family of 4 perfectly. (If you’re in central AR or OKC, check out Anna Ingle Photography.)

I agonized over our outfits for weeks, and finally decided on a somewhat toned down palette, that would go with the colors in our house. I figure if these are going to live on my walls for a few months, I want them to at least not be an eye-sore. Ha! We took them on the evening of Thanksgiving, but unfortunately the weather turned quite chilly and I was not prepared! I forgot leggings for A, so she was cold the entire time. We also didn’t realize she was getting sick, so we struggled a bit with her ‘fake smile’. B was a champ though, and his plump, happy self hung out in my arms most of the time, and only spit up once. Coincidentally, our Christmas card photo included a lovely spit up stain, but ah, such is life with a baby. REAL LIFE, YA’LL. He looked so freakin’ cute in suspenders he could have spit up all over me and I wouldn’t have cared. I mean, I would have cared slightly.

Here are my favorites, although many of these have already had their moment on Instagram. We took these so fast that I’m kicking myself now for not taking a picture of just Adam and I, and Adeline and I. Whomp whomp. B will be 6 months before we know it which means MORE FAMILY PICTURES! I feel like B has already changed so much – it’s amazing what just a few weeks time does!

How handsome are those two??? ^^^ Also, twinkies. B is 100% Adam’s mini me.

Do you take family photos? How do you decide on outfits?

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