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Easy Toddler Mom Snack Win

We’ve reached the point of total toddler independence over here, folks. Everything, and I mean everything, has to be done on her own terms. This is especially true in the kitchen these days. She wants to open the fridge on her own, put her plate in the sink on her own, get baggies out of the drawer on her own, pick out her spoon or fork on her own, wipe her hands and mouth off on her own, and now pick out her snack on her own. Gone are the days where we could just hand her a snack and say hey, eat it. And gone are the days where she’s perfectly content eating one small serving. This girl can put.it.away. and we’re convinced she’d a bottomless pit. In order to try and curb the frustrating ask for “moorrreee” over and over and over again, I finally made some snack bags for her snack basket we keep in her cupboard. This way, she can have the freedom to pick out her snack, but she also knows when her snack bag is empty, that’s all she gets for now. There’s no eating the entire bag of goldfish in one sitting, or eating enough cheerios to fill a tank!

So three of her favorite snacks are, obviously, goldfish, cheerios, and animal crackers. She also loves yogurt and apple sauce, but those stay hidden (or mostly hidden) in the fridge. These always seem to curb her appetite momentarily, and fight off that hangry toddler attitude! I thought maybe if we gave her some perceived control over her snacking, she’d stop begging for more, as cute as it is the way she pronounces “more” in her little southern twang. I also wanted to prepare for an upcoming trip Adam is taking, so I figured stocking up now would be a good idea. This way while he’s gone, I don’t have to worry about running low on snacks for Adeline.

I simply bagged up her goldfish, cheerios, and animal crackers in plastic baggies then piled them into her snack basket. This way she can quickly pick out one snack bag instead of asking me for 94848 handfuls of animal crackers at one time! Genius, I know. Plus the snacks last longer!

This is by no means revolutionary, but in the mom department it feels like a big win! I’m proud of my little snack baggies and so far Adeline loves picking out her own bag and having that control. They’ve been perfect for those after school movie cuddles we like to have in the late afternoons, or as we’re heading out the door and need something for the car ride. I don’t have to waste time getting the entire package out, and she doesn’t see the package which means she doesn’t whine, “I wan do it!” Then throw herself on the ground in a meltdown because I didn’t let her shove her hand down the box of cheerios. (Please tell me you’ve been there! Ha!)

Have you done something similar? What’s one of your recent EASY mom wins?



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    May 16, 2018 at 10:11 pm

    Such a smart idea!!!
    Katie recently posted…30 Easy, Healthy Dinner Ideas for Spring and SummerMy Profile

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    May 20, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    This is actually a really smart idea! I do have the struggle where she just wants more and more. Thanks for sharing!
    Amanda recently posted…Lucky #7My Profile

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