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Easy Toddler Christmas Craft: Reindeer Feet

Coming up with meaningful gifts for grandparents, or other family members can sometimes feel daunting. I feel like Christmas sneaks up on me every year and I always forget to make time for a fun craft or other memorabilia. Now that I have a child of my own, I’m a little more motivated to google, “toddler crafts” or “stupid easy craft keepsakes for busy moms of babies”. The idea of doing a craft with Adeline is still a bit of a joke because she’s still at that age where I can’t exactly give her directions. We’re pretty much in the handprint/footprint chapter of toddler artwork 101. A few weeks ago though, I hopped on Pinterest and picked out a few ideas I thought might actually be doable with Adeline, and I’m pleasantly surprised with how this year’s craft turned out! I landed on a reindeer footprint that seemed fairly straightforward, so after gathering my supplies and modifying the idea just a bit, we got to work! By ourselves, mind you! Super mom right here.

It ended up being pretty cheap as well, and I purchased everything at Walmart on a whim. A pack of 3 small thin canvases, a set of multi-colored poof balls, and a set of googly eyes. I already happened to have brown fingerpaint (from a previous craft where I’d bought a huge multipack), a hot glue gun, and sharpies.

In order to get Adeline’s footprints, I sat her in her highchair, and painted the soles of her feet while she ate lunch. Hello distraction! Then I slid the canvases under each foot, and gently pressed her foot down. Of course, it sounds easy in theory, but a wiggly, jerky 14 month old makes footprints pretty messy! Perfectly imperfect might be a better way to put it 🙂

After I got all of her footprints done, I let them dry, then hot glued my reindeer noses and googly eyes. One black nose for Comet, and one red nose for Rudolph. Finally, I drew on the antlers with a black sharpie, and wrote Merry Christmas with a gold sharpie. Don’t be jealous of my quick hand cursive handwriting! Let’s just pretend Adeline wrote that! Ha!

I’m so proud of my little not-so-crafty mama self for pulling this off! The thing about baby/toddler artwork is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Every little smear and smudge is so characteristic of their silly little personalities!

toddler christmas craft

Pin for next year!

toddler footprint craft reindeer feet

What fun craft have you made lately? What crafts have you made in the past, or do you remember making yourself?

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    Allison Richardson
    December 29, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    I did a craft using my 7 month olds foot as a manager then painted a baby Jesus in the manger, hay, and a dark sky with a star, and wrote Luke 2:12 with a sharpie all on the same type of canvas! I totally did her footprints while she was eating cheerios in her high chair too! Ha! I love having her footprints despite how messy and troubling it can seem!! We may have to try the reindeer next year!!

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