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Easy Granola Parfait Featuring Post Grape-Nuts Fit

Another short and sweet post comin’ at ya today! And before I forget….


I am clearly not participating this year in the form of running, as much as it pains me, but I will do my very best to get out for a long walk tonight! I’m with you runners in spirit! I think my running shoes and my running wardrobe that appear to be getting tinier and tinier each week, are dying a slow, lonely death. I had good intentions of doing a quick recap post on recent workouts, but, if you scroll through my Instagram even one time you can easily recap things for yourself.

Anywho! I’ve got a super simple, easy “recipe” for you today. It took me all of two seconds to think of, and for that I am proud! I was recently sent a package of Post Grape-Nuts Fit to try out, and if I’m being totally honest, I had absolutely no idea what the heck a Grape-Nut was. However, when I told Adam about the mysterious Grape-Nut package, he was pumped and went on to (very excitedly) reminisce on how he used to eat them all the time at his grandmother’s house back in the day. Clearly, I missed out on a childhood favorite.

Easy Granola Parfait Featuring Post Grape-Nuts Fit

grape nuts parfait

After some research, I learned that Grape Nuts are actually a perfect fit to go alongside National Running Day because they are PACKED with protein! They are also made with 30g of heart healthy whole grain granola, boom! And really, any “healthy” snack that’s paired with granola, has to be good.

To sweeten things up a bit, we decided to incorporate them into a mini-parfait, using low fat vanilla yogurt as our base. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. And delicious to boot!

easy grape nuts granola parfait

And there you have it! A perfect snack for your post-NRD workout, or, a healthy snack to enjoy between meals.

How are you celebrating National Running Day? Have you ever tried Grape-Nuts? Are you a fan of granola parfaits?

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