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It’s All In The Details: The CYBEX Gold Line

This post was sponsored by CYBEX as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received the CYBEX Balios Stroller and Aton Q Infant Car Seat to facilitate my review.

Before I had Adeline, I researched and researched the best strollers and carseats, making lists of which ones I liked based not only on price and safety, but style and functionality, and even how they would mesh with our lifestyle. I worried that whatever we picked would eventually turn into what I strolled around with while rocking my new mom-jeans and mom-bob, and be super matronly looking, or too “baby” looking. None of which is really my cup of tea. Having a baby turns your world upside down, and you really feel like you lose a piece of yourself including your personal style. (At least I did! Leggings for days, ya’ll.) I wanted to make sure whatever stroller and carseat we decided on, two pieces of baby equipment we’d use the most often, would be something I would enjoy, something that would fit my style, my personality, and encouraged our active lifestyle, while still meeting all of the needs of our new baby!

After our big wreck back in December, a safe car seat became our top priority, and I will forever be grateful that Adeline was well protected that day. As a new mom, driving around a piece of your soul can feel scary, and even pushing your new baby around in a crowded area or along a busy street can be enough to frazzle you. And while I’ve loved what we inevitably decided on, we were recently given the opportunity to try something even safer and more dynamic, and I’m oh so wishing we’d had this combo from day one!

Introducing: the CYBEX gold line, including the Aton Q Plus infant car seat and Balios M stroller, both available at Buy Buy Baby.

CYBEX is a German company that is known for its unique design and innovative safety technologies. They are a global leader in their quality and functionality, and their products have won numerous awards. They put their car seats through hundreds of crash tests every year, making improvements after every single one. Ever heard of CYBEX? I hadn’t either! Upon researching the company though, I was blown away by all that I read. Let’s just all agree that over in Europe, they know what’s up when it comes to quality and safety! For. Real.

Let’s dive into some details.

First up, the Aton Q Plus Infant Car Seat.

Rear facing only. For children 4-35 lbs, and 30″ tall. Weighing in at 11.5 lbs.


I knew the second I put Adeline in this bad boy that I wouldn’t be going back to our old model if I didn’t have to. It just screams safety, and comfort, and well thought out technology that blows my mind. It’s got so many details, I could go on and on about it.


The seat itself is much more padded than what Adeline was used to, and the whole insert easily adjusts based on height with one pull of that notch at the top. I loved the extra padding between the five point harness system, and how the headrest seemed to really cradle her head and neck. The sides seem to come up higher as well, just really enveloping her.


The canopy is magical. Pure magic. It collapses into itself and disappears completely. It’s seriously the most stylish thing I’ve ever seen! I kept telling Adam that it looks like Adeline is riding around in her own spaceship. PLUS the canopy is UVB50+ to protect her from the sun! Because they think about these things in Europe, duh.


The safety features are phenomenal, and really eased my mind when thinking about how the car seat would hold up in the event of another wreck. Because they can word it better than I can…”Triple side impact protection consisting of Telescoping Linear Side Impact Protection, a flexible shell lined head to toe with EPS foam and an internal adjustable EPS-lined headrest for superior side-impact safety. Load Leg Technology deploys from under the base to provide enhanced side impact protection.”

Follow that? Basically those two silver nodules you see on the back help absorb and redirect impact forces. And the two on the side that pull out, they help absorb impact from a side collision. Whichever side of the car you’ve got the car seat installed on, that’s the side you pull out the telescope closest to the door.


The carseat is just slick looking. I am definitely a fan. As is Adeline!


Last thing to note: easy to install base. Both Adam and my dad were able to install it in multiple vehicles (an SUV, a car, and a truck to be exact) hassle-free.

Con: it’s heavier than what I’m used to. Boo.


Next up: the Gold Balios M stroller.

Suitable from birth up to 55 lbs. Weighing in at 23 lbs.


I’ll be the first to admit that it takes me a while to figure out how to use fancy things. This stroller was no exception. Once again, I feel like maybe I’m not quite up to German intelligence standards, because it took a solid two days before I really got the hang of unfolding and folding this stroller! Don’t laugh, it’s complicated at first! I’ve got it now, but I was starting to have doubts that maybe I should stick to simpler things.


The Balios M stroller is full of bells and whistles, without feeling bulky, heavy, or sacrificing style. No detail was ignored when they made this stroller, and the quality is absolutely amazing. You guys, this is the FIFTH stroller we’ve been through, so needless to say we’ve compared a lot of strollers. This one takes the cake. You win Balios M, you win. Literally, it’s like Cybex read my wish list of stroller needs and said yes to every single one.


Never flat tires that stroll smoothly and easily? Check. Machine washable seat fabric in case of a blowout? Check. Adjustable footrest angles? Check. (Who even thinks of that??)


Multiple recline positions for baby? Check. Multiple FACING POSITIONS??? Rear facing positions?! Check! Compatible with a newborn cot? Check. (<—I’ve always wanted a stroller that would make me feel more like Princess Kate and this one might be it!)


Removable lap bar? Check. Compatible with infant car seat using adapter? Check. 5 point harness system? Check. Neutral color? Check.


Adjustable height handlebar? Check. UVB50+ protective canopy? Check. Canopy that adjusts to multiple positions, including all the way over child? Check.


A huge storage compartment? Check. A brake that doesn’t knock off a toe nail? Check.


Easy fold mechanism and lightweight enough to easily haul in and out of car? Mostly check and check. (Still working on my speediness in folding it down…it does take a bit of getting used to.)


This stroller is crazy cool, ya’ll. It definitely took me more than a few tries to get the hang of unfolding and collapsing it, and remembering which button did what, but I am feeling much more confident now after our trip to Nashville over the weekend. Adeline rode around in style and pure sophistication. It has passed the shopping test with flying colors! The Balios M gracefully toured Carter’s, Old Navy, Loft, Target, Off Broadway, and Bass Pro. As well as numerous bathrooms.

Cons: I can’t easily fold and collapse it with one hand (but maybe that takes practice.) A little heavier than my other “city” stroller.


The CYBEX Gold Line can be found both in stores, and online at Buy Buy Baby.

I’ll be back soon to share more details about my experience using our new CYBEX products. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (sarah_ingle1), you’re sure to see both of these in action!

Have you ever heard of CYBEX? Which detail matters most to you?

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    June 2, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    Wow, way to go on the free stroller & car seat! I’d be so happy to get a free stroller! I would absolutely love a stroller where the kid faces you. I think that’s so nice. I can also say I think I’d be confused by this. I had a hard time with a basic Graco fold up one (but I had also just had a baby and was tired so maybe that’s why lol).

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