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Cybex Gold Line: A Shopping Gal’s Dream

This post was sponsored by CYBEX as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received the CYBEX Balios Stroller and Aton Q Infant Car Seat to facilitate my review.

If you’re a regular reader, then you know that last month we got to try out a new stroller and car seat made by the German company, Cybex. We were oh so impressed by them, and felt like we were riding around in high style and fashion. In my previous post I detailed the bajillion features of both, and today I wanted to share our experience! Specifically, we tried out the Cybex Aton Q Infant Car Seat, and the Cybex Gold Balios M Stroller, both available at Buy Buy Baby in stores and online.

As a reminder, here’s the Aton Q:


And here’s the Balios M:

cybex balios m stroller review

We spent a long weekend back home in Nashville with my family and it was my first solo road trip with Adeline. The car seat and stroller were a perfect pair over the weekend, and made our travels easy and comfortable. Most of all though, I didn’t worry as much about Adeline while we were on the road because of how SAFE I know the car seat is. Any other new moms out there think ridiculous thoughts and freak yourself out? (Raises hand…) Trusting a car seat to protect your baby is a big deal, and combining that with a stroller that not only matches your style but also functions like a natural accessory to your day, is huge.

cybex aton q infant car seat review

The car seat travelled from Little Rock to Nashville, and all around Franklin, in multiple different vehicles. My dad moved the base several different times, and commented that it was super easy to figure out. Adeline loved it, and I think she felt like she was being treated with a fancy new ride, fit for a princess!

Pros: SUPER safe, stylish, comfortable for baby, “magic” canopy that hides away, five point harness, top of the line technology.

Cons: Heavier than I’m used to, takes a bit of practice clicking it into the base quickly, Adeline is almost too long for it – wish it were just an inch or two longer!

cybex aton q infant car seat

While we hung out in Franklin, we spent a lot of our time shopping. Because duh, I was with my mom and what else do you do with your mom when you don’t see her for months at a time?! You catch up over sweet tea and shopping. This time though we had a tag-along, and it was SO much fun including Adeline in our shopping traditions! We brought the Balios M with us, and since I don’t have the adapter to make it a travel system, we would just pull Adeline out of the car seat and get her situated in the stroller between stops. The nice thing about using this stroller while shopping is that it strolls amazingly smooth, and cuts corner sharply. It’s also got a huge storage basket so we could throw our purses down there and have our hands free to shop.

cybex gold line balios m stroller

The stroller also has multiple recline and facing options, so if Adeline was getting fussy we could flip her around, or lay her almost flat so she’d nap. I don’t know about you, but if I were a baby and could be wheeled around in an almost flat position, I would be in sleepy town in no time. Bonus – the canopy can extend almost all the way over her, blocking her from the sun at almost any angle. If your shopping is outside, this would really come in handy during these hot summer months.

We ventured to Bass Pro, Loft Old Navy, Academy, Target, Carter’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Cracker Barrel.


Pros: Multiple position options, fairly lightweight, lots of storage, stylish (love the black/grey), strolls super smoothly, four wheels turn with ease, five point harness, Adeline was always comfortable, more modern than some other strollers I’ve seen and used

Cons: Took a while to learn (felt complicated at first), no cup holder, adapter for stroller system is sold separately (wish it came with it already)

The Cybex gold line – Aton Q infant car seat and Balios M stroller are both worth checking out if you’re a mama-to-be, or just looking to upgrade to something a bit more fashionable and sleek. They are pricey, but their quality and safety are worth every penny.

Have you ever tried Cybex products? Do you think about style when picking out your car seats and strollers?

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