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Toad Suck Daze 10K Run: Race Recap

This weekend I ran my first official 10K. Of course I had run 6.2 miles plenty of times before, but I’d never set out to RACE 6.2 miles deliberately. I’ve always thought 6.2 seemed like such an awkward length to race. A 5K makes sensee because it’s such a fast, quick race, and a half marathon or further makes sense because well, it’s a long freaking way to run. But 6.2 seems odd to me. I feel like once I really get going and am rocking away, then I’m at the finish line and have to stop. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing?? I actually ended up LOVING the distance though and am already hoping to find another 10K because naturally now I have to beat my time!

The morning of the run was pretty much miserable- 40’s and misting. I don’t mind running in the cold because of course once you get warmed up it feels like 20 degrees warmer, (always dress that way too when heading out for a run!) but the misting business and light sporatic rain doesn’t do much for this girl! Especially when it’s a teeny bit nippy. I survived though, and once I waited in the classy porta potty line I was ready to go! Ready to go run, not go something else. Obvs.

The Toad Suck Run was a 5K AND a 10K, and all of the runners would start at the same time. (boo). When the gun went off it was pretty congested, at least where I was situated (somewhere awkwardly squished in the front third of the pack, I didn’t want to wander too far up front because helllerrr I’m not THAT fast! Yet!). So the gun was fired and we were off. I cautiously blew through the crowd, weaving in and out of runners, feeling like I was hopping and skipping around people to avoid tripping anyone. I carried my phone with me so I could listen to music, and I just turned on my Map My Run app so I’d have a general idea of my pace. At mile 1 it told me my pace was 8:14. Whoa Sarah, calm it down now. That was not the pace you trained at! (A good 30+ seconds faster!) I had told myself that I would be super duper proud of myself if I could hold a steady 9 minute pace the whole time and finish in under an hour, even though when I was training I noticed I kept dipping down into the 8:40’s. If I didn’t finish the 6.2 miles in under an hour I told Adam that I definitely had a major problem going on and he could be equally disappointed in me haha! I so, so can not WAIT to finally buy a Garmin watch…THIS one possibly, cheap & cute, win win!…so I can look back at my mile splits. I’m having a hard time remembering 6 mile splits! Maybe I should lay off the diet coke. I don’t THINK any of the remaining miles were faster than 8:14. I want to say I put the brakes on enough to modestly pace myself between an 8:30 and 8:50 mile, my average pace was 8:43 so that’s just a guess. Clearly this girl needs to work on not stepping out of the gate so fast! But on the flip side, I didn’t slow down because I didn’t think I could hold it, I slowed down because I had never paced a 10K before and didn’t want to run out of gas on the last mile and not have any gas in the tank for the last kick! I wish I had pushed just a little harder, but now I know for next time what I’m capable of! My final time was 54:01, and my clock time was 54:11 so I was pleasantly surprised with my :01!! Pretty pumped actually!! I gave the last .2 everything I had and felt like I finished hard. I heard Adam yell for me and it meant the world! That’s just the best thing ever, what a sweetie, my #1 fan!

He even agreed to take a picture at the end! What a studmuffin.

What I wore:

Brooks Ravenna 3’s 

Swiftwick Aspire Twelve Compression Socks

Nike Tempo shorts

long sleeve wicking shirt from a previous race

North Face microfleece pullover (I’m super cold natured, most runners would probably have died with this layer on top!)

Bondi Band headband

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