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I’m so excited Friday’s post got such a great response! I want to respond to every comment, but instead will just say that I LOVED all of your comments!

Saturday I shot a wedding back in my hometown of Nashville, TN and as usual that night I was exhausted and felt like I had another half marathon behind me! We went to walk around Target after dinner, and my shins and hips were screaming in pain. For future reference, don’t wear super flat sandals while on your feet for 7 hours straight. Ok ok, I learned my lesson. Again.

On Sunday I had high hopes of getting a workout in, but when I’m only in town for a short time it’s hard to choose me time over hanging out with family and friends 🙂 So I took the day off, and since I had to drive back to AR anyways, my tired feet were fine with that!

In case you don’t browse the news all the time like I do,  you may not have heard about this guy…

Nik Wallenda. He’s a 7th generation tightrope walker and last night walked across the GRAND CANYON!

It looks pretty easy.

 I’m 99% sure I could handle it. I mean look at the view…

The only thing I could focus on was the fact that he was wearing JEANS. I feel like maybe, just maybe, I would have opted for something a little less, flappy? Maybe like, some skinny jeans? Skinny yoga pants? Aerodynamic pants? Pants with a parachute built in? Apparently these are his go-to jeans. More power to him! Millions of other twitter-ers found plenty of things to poke fun at, and I couldn’t resist browsing the #skywire tonight for a laugh. I just about died. Though some inappropriate, still hilarious! Disclaimer: I don’t know who these people are and I don’t follow them on Twitter. But I lawl’d at their tweets, so I thought you might as well.

 ‏@Jonnie_W After #skywire special, where a man prayed for 22 minutes, a man & woman are left naked in the wilderness. Finally, Biblical programming!

@BrettAnderson49 The biggest thing we can all take away from #skywire is that we’re all thankful we don’t come from 7 generations of wire walkers.

‏@TheFakeESPN This could be a PR nightmare for Jesus if this goes wrong #skywire

 ‏@ryanvaughan What if he got halfway across and mooned everyone? #skywire #supermoon

@FauxPManning Jokes on you Nick! Your car is parked on the other side!! #walkback #skywire

@robinthede this dumb announcer just said “he’s the first “human” to ever cross the canyon on a wire” WHAT? Has an elephant done this already?? #skywire

@theyearofelan Dear Grand Canyon, I have a long list of people I would like to send across you next. Where is the sign in sheet? #skywire

@Eric_Bader He’s one fart away from meeting Jesus. #skywire

@Predatorial I like how they have a paramedic on the canyon floor. Could be the difference between life and death…AFTER A 1500 FOOT FALL #skywire

@ceejoyner He’s doing fine but his jeans are looking very distressed #bootcut #Skywire

And lastly, Joel Osteen tweets…so that’s pretty cool too.

‏@JoelOsteen Here at the Grand Canyon with my friend @NikWallenda. Praying for his success! Watch Live now on @Discovery. #Skywire

If you didn’t laugh at any of these,  you are no fun. And that’s all there is to it.

Don’t worry, he lived to tell the tale. A-MAZING! I will admit though, I was very impressed at how proud he was to proclaim the Lord’s name on national television. Nik Wallenda for the win. It’s nice to see a little Christianity thrown into prime-time tv. If he can evangelize while walking a wire across the grand canyon, surely we can evangelize here ON THE GROUND!

And now on to, Monday. Meh. As usual it was definitely a Monday. But I was able to get in a good, strong, negative split 5K at the gym, so I feel good about that! The AC felt WONDERFUL. I’m still trying to focus on getting a PR at Saturday’s race, anything under 25:00 and I’ll be a happy camper! Adam even did 3 miles today in 26 minutes!! So proud of him!! After I ran, and before Truckee’s walk, Adam whipped up spinach/mozzarella/basil/tomato/reduced balsamic vinegar sandwiches! YUMM!!!!

And now we’re laying on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother, with Trucksters asleep below our feet. I guess it wasn’t such a bad Monday after all 🙂
Did you watch #skywire last night?? Do you still have all of your fingernails? I don’t!

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