Blogging Resources

how to start a blog resources

Blogging Platform of Choice:

WordPress has, and will always be, my blogging platform of choice. If you’re looking more for a website that can really grow with you, then I’d recommend Joomla, which is what we use at my day job. WordPress is very easy to learn, and there are countless resources on the web for you to access.

Blog Design:

StudioPress is my go-to for new themes. I love their clean look and feel, and their child themes are very easy to customize. The Genesis framework is a great backbone to have in place, and updates are a breeze.

*Edit Feb 2017 – I have since changed themes. I still highly recommend the above for beginners!


SiteGround is who I currently use to host Sweet Miles. You can read more about why, here. I’ve used Bluehost a lot in the past, and have a few non-Sweet Miles related sites hosted through them at the moment.


iPhone-tography will only get you so far, and if you’re looking to grow your blog, look more professional, get recognized by brands and companies looking for influencers, or simply engage your readers better, then a high quality camera is a must. I shoot with Nikon, and will always prefer them over Canon. My model is the D600, which is a full frame professional grade camera body. If you’re looking for something more affordable and don’t need it for professional reasons, I suggest the D5500 or D3300, both of which are exceptional dx bodies.

As far as lenses go, you can’t go wrong with a 50mm f/1.4 lens. It is a great prime lens, and my favorite by far! If you’re interested in a lens with a bit wider angle, check out a 35mm f/1.8 lens – probably my second favorite lens.


When I quit my job in the corporate world to pursue a career in SEO and web development, this book helped me get there! I wish I had been required to read it in college, seriously!