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Beautycounter Counterman + Father’s Day Promo

I know I’ve shared quite a bit about my love of Beautycounter for myself, and my kiddos, but I haven’t gotten to dive much into the men’s line! Did you even know we had special products just for the dudes? It’s fairly new (within just the past year) so you’re not too far behind if you’re like, wait, what? It makes me so excited for the future of Beautycounter and everything they are working hard to achieve. Not only can I take better care of my own skin, and my sweet babies’ skin, but even my husband, dad, and brother can get in on the action. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – clean beauty isn’t going anywhere, and isn’t a fad. This is a movement that’s taking off and quickly gaining momentum, even all the way up to Capitol Hill. It’s something we should all be concerned about, especially as more and more research surfaces on the hidden dangers of so many ingredients.

beautycounter counterman mens line

Beautycounter’s Counterman line is formulated especially for men. Why? Because mens skin is a little different than us girls. Their skin tends to be a little rougher, a little thicker, and overall a little more – manly? They too deserve safer skincare and better beauty though, so I was so excited whenever this line came out and I could finally order a couple treats for Adam to try.

Counterman products contain a breakthrough Sequoia Stem Cell Complex and help protect skin from every day stress. The scents have a hint of woodsy-ness to them, but not at all overpowering. There are two regimens: the Shave Regimen or the Beard Regimen. (I’m sure you can guess which regimen Adam would need – I don’t even remember the last time he completely shaved!) Each of these regimens come with four unique products, tailored to help create a great skincare routine – bearded, or clean shaven!

Over the past few months, Adam has been trying out the Counterman Oil-Free Face Lotion, as well as the Counterman Conditioning Beard Oil. I thought it was finally time to let him give his thoughts and honest opinions thus far. From a wife’s perspective though – I’m just glad he’s finally listening to me and using a daily moisturizer! Ha!

Counterman Oil-Free Face Lotion

“I’ve never been much of a face lotion guy. Sarah mentions that guys’ skin is thicker and rougher than womens’ and I’m OK with that. That being said, since I am a good husband and listen to my wife, I tried out the lotion every day on my face and neck. It is a bit thinner than anything else I’ve tried and rubs in completely very quickly. The most important thing to me about this is that it doesn’t smell like lavender petals infused with butterfly wings – there really is no smell at all.

Especially during the summer, my skin tends to dry out pretty bad. Since I have been using this for a little bit, I haven’t noticed the skin on my face and neck drying out at all. Sarah may have converted me into a daily user of Beautycounter’s Counterman face lotion…”

Counterman Conditioning Beard Oil

“Ever since I’ve been married, I haven’t been able to shave my face completely. If I shave, Sarah thinks I’m 14 years old so I try to stay well groomed while retaining my facial hair. If you have a beard and do not use some sort of oil, you are missing out. Beards can be coarse and itchy and need to be well maintained or else you risk looking like you have a birds nest on your chin. I have used quite a few different oils and have a few that I like. The Counterman beard oil is now in the top 2 on that list. Beard oils are one place that I would like to have a little bit of smell. Though this one does have some, it is very mild, and I might prefer just a tad bit more. The only other downside is that the pump mechanism usually sticks, resulting in shooting the first squirt of oil across the bedroom. This is where the downsides end though. The smell is good (though mild) and the oil itself keeps my beard soft and conditioned throughout the day. Some days I might miss using the face lotion, but I have never missed a day of the beard oil. I would definitely recommend this beard oil to my fellow bearded men.”

If you’re interested in getting your man, or a man in your life, started on a safer skincare routine, Beautycounter currently has a Father’s Day promo running! Between now and midnight on June 13, if you purchase either a Counterman Regimen or the full Counterman Collection, you’ll receive a FREE Dopp Kit. AKA a fancy but masculine Beautycounter toiletry bag. I think it would be so cute to surprise him with new products, packaged up nicely in the free bag, and maybe throw in a sweet card, a little craft from the kids, and a gift card for a weekend sans honey-do lists!

You can shop the Counterman line HERE, and as always, feel free to reach out to me with questions or if you need help making selections.

*If you’re looking to treat yourself to a little something at the same time, you could add a Band of Beauty membership for $29 to your order, and you’d also receive a FREE Precision Liquid Eyeliner, 10% back in product credit, and free shipping. (Since you’re already spending over $50 for the welcome gift and over $100 for free shipping!) And then on every future order you make, you’d keep earning 10% back in product credit.

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