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Barrett: 9 Month Update

Oh my goodness, our favorite little Bear is 9 months old! NINE MONTHS OLD. HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW. He is 9 months of JOY and I couldn’t love him more if I tried. He’s definitely thrown me for a loop though, because he is quite a bit needier, and bigger, and hungrier, and grumpier than his big sister was, but he is so much fun!! He’s usually just so happy and chill though, and I’m loving seeing his personality really come to light!

Bear is crawling like a mad man, just started pulling up this week, is climbing all over everything, and is already a little daredevil. I think we are IN FOR IT when he starts walking, which could very well be in the next couple months! I mean, it for sure will. We’re going to the beach in August and I imagine he will walking up and down that beach! My heart can barely even handle that thought.

He’s still a chunky monkey, hungry hippo, and loves his mama the most. I’m soaking up every nap time cuddle and bedtime snuggle that I can, because I already feel like I blinked and he’s 9 months old! He’s still our little coworker during the week, and it’s been fine so far, but now that he’s super, super mobile, things are getting interesting! HA!

He loves Adeline so much, and she just adores him and it’s the absolute sweetest thing. She loves playing with him, and is the best helper to me when I ask her to do something. She loves to hug and kiss him, and every night before bed she has to kiss him on the head. He just cracks up when they play together, but we’re already dealing with some cough cough sharing issues cough cough. The struggle of a big sister, you guys. Life is tough!

We just love our Barrett so much, and it’s so much fun getting to know him. Here’s his full 9 month update! The pictures are rather atrocious because somebody wouldn’t stop crawling away from me!


Barrett is still growing like a weed, and definitely heavier than his sister! He constantly makes my arms hurt, but in the best way! At his 9 month well-check, he was 20 lbs 1 oz, putting him in the 55% for weight, 30% for head, and he is 28.5″ tall.

Clothing wise, he’s wearing mostly 9 month everything, though I still squeeze him into some 6 month jammies when his 9 months ones are dirty. Ha! He could probably start doing some 12 month stuff pretty soon!


  • Hamburger bun, ketchup bottle, mustard bottle
  • Sitting in our master bathtub while I shower or get ready
  • Sitting in the bouncer while I workout but keeps wanting to sit up in it
  • Climbing on everything
  • Crawling everywhere and FAST!
  • Pulling up to standing, still a little wobbly but is loving being able to get up on his feet
  • Gumming anything
  • Constantly babbling, mama, ahh, yaya for sure, little gremlin sounds
  • Being carried inside out of his carseat
  • Pulling up in his crib
  • Sleeping with his butt up in the air
  • Throwing his pacis out of his crib and chucking them across the room
  • Splashing in the bathtub
  • Still loves blowing raspberries with his lips/tongue
  • When Daddy scares him, thinks it’s hilarious
  • Being tossed in the air
  • Having his thighs pinched and tickled
  • Letting us know he’s happy – like when he pounds his hands on the highchair tray or when he’s sitting on the floor and flaps his arms around and babbles
  • Power cords – he is a laser magnet to every power cord in the hours and every outlet on the wall
  • Likes talking into A’s karaoke microphone or her stretchy tube toy
  • Loves when he wakes up happy from a nap and just rolls around and talks in his crib, a lot of times I’ll go in there to get him and his legs are through the rails and he’s cracking himself up


  • Having his diaper changed – it’s like wrestling a baby alligator
  • Having one of his toys taken away, like his ketchup bottle. DON’T TAKE IT AWAY MOM!
  • Having his feelings hurt – he makes the SADDEST pouty face and whimpers like a sad little puppy. It’s pretty much heartbreaking and I know that little stinker does it on purpose!
  • Being rocked or held too long when he’s overtired and just wants to be laid down.
  • Sleeping through the night (he JUST started sleeping through the night again within the past week, knock on wood!)
  • Being in his carseat
  • Having the sun in his eyes
  • When Mommy walks away
  • His dry scalp – still trying to keep it moisturized because he just scratches and scratches at it
  • Nursing for too long or being made to nurse when he’s really not that hungry
  • Having a wet or poopy diaper

Current Routine

Honestly, our routine really hasn’t changed in the past two months! We’re still rocking along during the work week with him home with us, so no new news there! He’s also still going down for bed between 7-8 pretty much every night, and either wakes up once or twice, or if I’m really lucky he’ll sleep through the night and wake up around 7! This is a fairly new occurrence though, and for most of the entire past month he woke up once, if not twice a night – usually like around midnight and 3 or 4 am, or 11 pm and 1 am. Not that that matters but it was/has been exhausting! I’m hoping maybe he’s turned a corner though, now that he’s knocked out some developmental milestones like sitting, crawling, and pulling up.

Our weekend routine is pretty much the same as well – still winging it and just trying to enjoy family time and not stress too much about schedules. Although, if he gets TOO much off his “schedule” he is NOT a happy camper!

And what is his schedule you ask? Same as last month still – still rocking 2 naps a day, if not a random 3rd nap in the car *maybe*. After he wakes up in the morning, he nurses then plays while we get Adeline ready for preschool. Then he tends to nurse and go down for his first nap sometime between 9-10 am, then he’ll nap usually around 2 hours, then he nurses again and eats lunch, then goes down for his second nap *usually* sometime between 1:30-2 pm. It just depends a little on the day and what my work and call schedule is like. He’ll usually nap an hour or two in the afternoon as well. If he takes a LONG morning nap, his afternoon nap is often shorter. And if he takes a short crappy nap in the morning, his afternoon nap is often much longer. Sometimes he’ll go on a nap strike and not decide to nap until like 4 pm, which is always interesting! Once the workday is over, he typically nurses one more time before dinner, like 4ish?, then eats dinner, and does bath and bedtime around 7 pm.


  • First bath sitting up in bathtub
  • First time pulling up to standing
  • First time mastering crawling
  • First time saying ‘mama’ repeatedly
  • First time getting a goose egg on his head
  • First bruise and first real scratch
  • First time eating lots of different foods that I can’t even remember now because #secondchildprobs
  • First time pulling up in his crib
  • First time obviously throwing his paci out of his crib
  • First Easter
  • First Mother’s Day
  • First allergy reaction we think – he’s been super sensitive to pollen this spring and his little face got a red rash on it on Easter but went away pretty quickly
  • First time sitting in a highchair when we’re out to eat
  • First time trying to balance standing on his own for a split second at a time
  • First time really thinking himself is funny – when I was taking these he kept crawling away and laughing hysterically
  • First time in the bluebonnets
  • First ride in the double stroller

Eating Habits

Barrett is still nursing throughout the day (and night sometimes) with the occasional bottle from Dad. He will not take a bottle from me if I’m even in the house, but thankfully if he knows I’m not around he’ll take it from Adam like a champ. (This makes leaving for girl’s night or a run less stressful!) He nurses still around a loosely 9-12-3-6 + bedtime schedule (ish, very ish) with 2-3 real food meals mixed in. He also snacks on puffs, mum-mums throughout the day. He still will only nurse for just a few minutes at a time if he’s distracted at all. He has to nurse completely distraction free to really eat well, so like his first feed of the day and his bedtime feed are always the longest. (Obviously.)

He’s still eating purees/pouches, but also dives into lots of fingers foods! He LOVES steamed broccoli, mac&cheese (can you blame him?), steamed squash, butternut squash, really anything from a casserole (he IS part TN after all), bananas, shredded cheese, small pieces of bread, mashed potatoes, peanut butter (LOVES PB!), scrambled eggs (huge hit!), bites of pancake, and really anything we put in front of him. Bear can put.it.down.

Little Things I Want to Always Remember

  • When Adeline and Barrett play together
  • When he blows raspberries and toot noises with his mouth
  • When he open mouth kisses me
  • When he falls asleep sitting up/leaning on me
  • Pretty much every ‘first’ from this month
  • His thighs (always)
  • How wild his hair is
  • How funny he thinks blowing on his belly is
  • How much of a roly poly he is
  • When he rides on Adam’s shoulders
  • How much he love splashing in the bath with Adeline
  • How he loves to tug on Truckee
  • How much he loves the hamburger bun and ketchup bottle toy from Adeline’s kitchen
  • The first time he crawled into Adeline’s tent

We love you, Bear!


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    Heather Brown
    May 16, 2019 at 1:49 pm

    Oh my gosh. So stinkin cute!!! Nolan only started taking 2 naps at 9 months lol and he did until he was like 19 months, ha! I can’t believe he’s 9 months old! Gahh!! So glad you guys can continue to keep him home <3

    • Reply
      June 4, 2019 at 10:18 am

      I can’t believe it either!! I am pretty sure I just had him yesterday, and that this time last year feels like I only blinked!

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