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Barrett: 2.5 Year Update

Here we are again! It’s finally time for another update for our little Bear man. And, it’s my ALL TIME favorite age. At least, that I’ve experienced thus far! It was my favorite with Adeline and it’s once again my favorite with Bear. I think it’s because they’re teetering between toddler and big kid (but closer to a baby than a big kid!), they’re talking and every little thing they say is brand new and absolutely adorable, and they still love YOU and need YOU the most! Adam jokes that he’s my favorite – but I keep reminding him that I gushed all about Adeline at this age too! Anyways, I think we’re ALL pretty obsessed with baby brother and I am truly loving this whole “boy mom” thing. He is so squishy and delicious and cute – I could quite literally eat him up.

Bear turned 2.5 on February 7, so this update is for September 2020 to February 2021.


Bear is hovering right around the 30 -31 lb mark. And I can feel every bit of this when I’m holding him. He may not look it, but he’s a dense little dude! He’s very strong, and honestly just more sturdy feeling than Adeline ever was. She was a marshmallow forever before she slimmed out. But Bear is just built rock solid. He’s wearing 2T-3T. A lot of his 2T things are slowing becoming too small though, which I can’t believe. I can squeeze him into 18 month things depending on what they are, but again, they’re pretty much useless at this point. Anything I buy presently is 3T. His shoes are size 7 and 8, I believe. And, still rocking size 5 diapers. Don’t get me started on potty training – I don’t have the mental capacity to tackle that just yet! Hoping to hit it hard next month though. Mama is sick of changing poopy diapers! (Adeline was fully potty trained by 2.5 – isn’t that wild??)


  • First time clearly talking! (I knew he was taking his time and his speech has finally taken off!)
  • First movie! Polar Express in the theater.
  • First trip to Houston
  • First time needing to sleep in bed with Mommy all night
  • First time getting stitches
  • First time counting to 10 almost entirely on his own!

Things I Want to Always Remember

This list is going to be insanely long, so it will not hurt my feelings if nobody but myself and grandparents read it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Oh, and I finally figured out a way to transfer these memories over easily. I’ve been keeping them listed in a Note on my phone, then I emailed it to myself and pasted it right over! EASY!

  • Brought me diapers before his bath bc he was so excited to have me wipe him so he could get in the tub with sissy.
  • Loves sitting in the front seat of the car and “driving” like Mom and Dad.
  • His hilarious belly laughs and his super tired high pitch laugh. This high pitch giggle is the CUTEST!
  • When daddy spins him around up in the air and they count down together then say go and he runs dizzily across the room.
  • How he kisses both my cheeks and my mouth.
  • “Pooh!!!!” He loves Winnie the Pooh so much.
  • Can almost climb out of his crib. (Spoiler alert – by the time he hit 2.5, he did!)
  • His delirious laughs as I tickle him goodnight in his crib. He’s his most giggly self (of course!) when we turn the lights off before bed.
  • How he wants to lay down when we read and puts his little hands under his chin.
  • When he hugs my legs and burrows his face into my leg.
  • How he says “yellow” as “yea wo”
  • Rock climbing on the backyard play set
  • How he loves being “ow side!”
  • Still loves to water the garden and plants
  • How he asks to sing baa baa black sheep at bedtime as we sway and say goodnight. (Update – he also loves Wheels on the Bus, anything Blippi, Blue Skies & Rainbows, I Love You With The Love of The Lord, and Itsy Bitsy Spider.)
  • When he happily says “HI!!!!! And waves” or “Bye!” and blows kisses by kissing his hand.
  • His “Hi Mom!” and “bye mom!”
  • His canine teeth that look like vampire teeth
  • Worker/Home Depot Barrett – he loves his Home Depot apron and tool toys so much!
  • Chef Barrett when he’s playing in the toy kitchen
  • How he copies literally everything Adeline does – TRULY a Monkey See Monkey Do situation over here
  • How he says “Sissy!” (sissshhy)
  • He’s started saying “thank you”
  • Double stroller runs with Dad
  • His high-top camo Chucks (going to need these in another size!)
  • First time on aunt Jo’s trampoline
  • Fully enunciating MOMMMEEEE
  • How he loves to be held up to see the yeyyo dirt bike next door
  • Bunny is still “MeMe”
  • How he lays his head on my shoulder at bedtime with the light off and we sing. I’ll never forget how he just relaxes all his weight onto me.
  • Patting my back as I pat his. (And he often starts giggling because he thinks he’s being so silly!)
  • He thinks burps are hilarious.
  • When he lays down next to me to “ree!” and he rests his head in his hands
  • Said “Apple”
  • Climbs up on the kitchen counters
  • Says “Pup-ee” clearly!
  • Riding his scooter in the house – “weeeee!”
  • Started clearly saying “Bike!”
  • Started saying “yes” instead of “ya”
  • How he says “bye” at bedtime after we tuck him in (if he’s really tired it’s more like, BYE!)
  • Started talking soooo much more after Sissy and mommy were gone for a few days. (I think when Adeline and I were out of the day he felt free to finally open up!)
  • Loved Halloween!! Asked to walk the entire time and collected suckers in both hands.
  • Still hugs his puppy and says “I huggg”.
  • When daddy stood behind Adeline’s door and “puppeteered” PupPup and then Barrett ran over and tried to do the same thing with another stuffed animal
  • He moved one of the little chairs at H&P’s into daddy’s old room so he could reach for Pop’s choo choo train
  • How he’s started saying “POP!!” and is very demanding!
  • Played hard with the big kids on thanksgiving- went up and down the Fort ladder and slide on his own!
  • Scootered down the hill in front of H&P’s house like such a big kid!
  • Soooo snuggly on Mommy ALL THE TIME
  • How he calls a good night sleep, “a nap”, “just one nap”. So funny.
  • Paci is now “sassy” for some reason
  • How he will physically move you to lay down on the floor with him and show you how to lay by pointing
  • His yes is “yesh”
  • How he will grab your hand to hold his finger to count with him
  • How he hugs characters in books like the mouse in goodnight moon
  • Big hugs are “Bugs”
  • Counted to 10 pretty much all by himself
  • In December, he started saying so many words and phrases!!! “Thank you mommy” “my __
  • Got to run on knob hills and LOVED it
  • “Big boy yawn”
  • “Blippi day”
  • “My mommy!” anytime I’m snuggling with sissy – jealousy alert!
  • When he moves my hair out of the way to lay on my shoulder – “mommy hair in my way.”
  • One night when I was rocking him and singing baa baa sheep, he too started singing “baa baa sheep” and it melted my heart!
  • His little voice in the darkness and his arms around my neck and the weight of his body fully relaxed onto mine melts my heart into complete mush I could just cry thinking about him growing into a man one day!
  • sneeze – “bless you dad!”
  • “One more book Barrett…” “FIVE!” “No…just pick one.” “Oh”
  • “Onnneeee tooooo threee fuurrr FIVE sec seven (goes straight to 8) EIGHT
  • Started saying “me!” for everything late in late January
  • When he puts his finger on his mouth and says “hmmm” like he’s thinking
  • How he loves to wear his rain boots all the time – like all the time!
  • Hit his head on H&P’s swing then told them about it a dozen times “I hit me head on swing”
  • Loves to randomly lay in my lap
  • Is always SO excited to see me
  • Finally learned how to do thumbs up
  • Obsessed with gruffalo “gruffo” and “moush”
  • “Sisshy awre yuu done? Letsh pway sisshy!” 
  • When he covers mommy up with his blankie too
  • When he fell into coffee table and needed 7 stitches, but at the ER he said, “Me brave!”
  • “Me done now”
  • “Mo pouch pees” (still loves pouches and applesauce pouches)
  • How he loves to lounge and watch Little Baby Bum, Go Dog God, or Trash Truck
  • “Sisshy awre you otay?! You otay sisshy?”
  • How he pauses between his words when he’s stringing several together

We love you so much, Barrett!

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