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Baby #2: Weeks 21-23

I can’t believe it’s time for another pregnancy update! Time is, much to my surprise, starting to move quicker and quicker and the weeks are flying by. We’re 24.5 weeks now, and before I know it we’ll be in the third trimester. I felt pretty decent in weeks 21-23, and am getting so excited thinking about labor and delivery. I’ve been listening to birth stories like crazy, and they’re so addicting! I’m also just trying really hard to enjoy this season, and not rush it too much. Adeline seems to be changing by the day, and I want to make sure I don’t miss anything during this time! I’m trying to make sure my main focus is still on her, as much as possible. I also just still can’t believe we’re about to give her a sibling. Her world is really going to be rocked! I’ve caught myself wondering often what he’s going to be like, and it’s just so hard to even fathom! A BOY version of the two of us? I can’t even begin to guess what he might look like, other than I’m assuming he’ll look like Adeline – right??

second pregnancy weekly update

Week 21

Flashback to 21 weeks with Adeline


  • Threw up once
  • Peeing all.the.time.
  • More energy for walks, but walking in the heat wears me out pretty quickly
  • Backache
  • Getting that intense pregnancy hunger


  • Chicken Express mini poppers again – the only food so far that doesn’t give me heartburn!
  • Bacon


  • Not craving mexican food as strongly as normal, but wouldn’t consider it a strong aversion necessarily
  • Salad still

Feeling Like: Feeling pretty good this week, other than bad backaches. It’s mostly my lower back, like my pelvis/hip/tailbone areas feel like they’re all being pulled in opposite directions. I’ve had more energy for walks which has been nice, but the heat makes my hands and feet swell. Not sure if it’s pregnancy swelling or just because it’s hot and I’m not used to it yet. Also feeling nervous about the low lying placenta thing, and a little freaking out thinking about what if it doesn’t move and we’re stuck with a C. Praying it moves up like my Dr. thinks it will!


  • Started one of our registries

Gender: BOY!

Movement: I’ve been feeling bigger-ish movements on the inside now, but one night this week I swear I felt a few tiny kicks from the outside for the first time! So exciting!

Belly Button: Same as last week

Exercise: Walked 30-40 minutes almost everyday this week (M-F)

Week 22

Flashback to 22 weeks with Adeline


  • Slight braxton hicks
  • Heartburn
  • Backaches and hip pain


  • Same as before but craving more sweets


  • Nothing crazy comes to mind

Feeling Like: So excited to be feeling him from the outside now. Adam felt him from the outside for the first time, too! This week I felt really frustrated by my backaches, and am sleeping with a pillow between my knees to help at night. I’m probably going to find a chiropractor down here to start seeing soon because I know it would help a ton! Emotionally, feeling so proud of Adeline lately and how much of a big girl she is! She’s kicking butt in her new classroom at school and is talking up a storm. I have also been just loving laying on the couch at night feeling him move.


  • Went to IKEA and purchased his dresser
  • Picked out a paint color for his nursery
  • Adeline is talking about baby brother and will cook for him in her kitchen

Gender: BOY!

Movement: Bigger movements, and feeling him from the outside now. Almost always feel him on the lower left side, so I’m curious how he’s positioned.

Belly Button: In that awkward in-between phase where I feel like it’s going to be a weird outie like, super soon.

Exercise: Walked 30-40 minutes again almost everyday this week!

24 weeks pregnant second pregnancy

23 weeks –

Flashback to 23 weeks with Adeline


  • Terrible back pain
  • Heartburn
  • Light braxton hicks
  • Uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time
  • Starting to need something to support my stomach when I lay down
  • Peeing what feels like 50 thousand times a night


  • Sweets! – McFlurries, Reese’s Blasts, chocolate anything, donuts, s’mores


  • Same as before, nothing really stands out

Feeling Like: Feeling relieved after our doctor’s appointment. I’m just so thankful that he’s healthy and everything is moving right along as it should. I hate complaining about this pregnancy, because I am so, so grateful for it, but it’s been a tough one! Mentally, I’m getting SO excited about designing his nursery and picking out the perfect pieces. I’ve been making to-do lists and shopping lists and I can’t wait to see it all come together!


  • Picked his name this week
  • Had another doctor’s appointment and ultrasound to check placenta position. It’s moved up and totally fine now and I’m SO glad!! His HR was 134 and he looked absolutely perfect. He was facing my back the whole time though so we didn’t get many great pictures from the scan but it was nice to see him this “bonus” time and check up on everything! Doctor confirmed I’ve gained 7 lbs this pregnancy so far, but baby is growing and sized perfectly so no concern whatsoever. Measurement wise, my belly is right on track, but I’m still not holding my breathe for a particular due date!
  • Adeline will say “a boy!” or “baby brother!” really excitedly anytime we talk about it with someone.

Gender: BOY!

Movement: Adam felt a BIG movement and was totally creeped out (hilarious!). Feeling these movements is the best!

Belly Button: Same as before

Exercise: Trying to walk closer to 45 minutes at a time, feels so good to move more and more

I think that sums it up! My next update will probably be weeks 24-27, so that I can start a third trimester update right at 28 weeks. Can’t believe we’re about a month away from the third trimester! WHAT.

If you’ve missed any previous updates, you can find them HERE.


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