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Baby #2: First Trimester Details

Whew, it’s been a whirlwind around here since announcing our pregnancy! I’m excited to finally have the energy to chat about all things first trimester.

I wasn’t really sure how I wanted to document pregnancy #2, but I know I’ll probably space out the updates more than last time. For this first update, I’ve put together all the notes I’ve taken behind the scenes since about 6 weeks. We’re 16 weeks now, so I figured now’s a good time to recap weeks 6-15. I actually don’t have any bump photos prior to, well, today which is so funny to me because I hugely over documented my first pregnancy. I wanted to take these photos outside in a cute outfit but it’s been literally monsooning here for 3 days straight so that just wasn’t happening.

If you want to catch up or compare this to my first pregnancy, you can see all of those updates HERE.

6-8 weeks


  • Energy level that comes and goes. More tired in the late morning or early afternoon.
  • Weeks 6-7 I was mildly nauseous all day long, but not throwing up yet.
  • Throwing up started right at 8 weeks exactly. Two weeks later than with Adeline.


  • Mexican food.
  • Not food related, but hot baths! All I wanted was to just relax in the bathtub.


  • La Croix/sparkling water
  • Coffee
  • Pizza
  • Sprite

Feeling like: Nervous. These two weeks contained a lot of anxiety and worry as we approached the 8 week mark, which is when we m/c last time. Every time I went to the bathroom I felt this overwhelming sense of fear that there would be blood again. But also feeling a strange sense of peace that everything would happen how it was supposed to.


  • Had our first ultrasound at 6w6d and saw the heartbeat. Such a relief!
  • We also told Adam’s family during week 6 as we decided to back out of our ski trip the following week. No exciting story here, we just called them all and spilled the beans!
  • We told my family closer to 7.5 weeks on the morning of Christmas Eve. I made them a custom Shutterfly photo calendar and on August 9 we included “Grandbaby #4 Due to Arrive”. We got to watch them open it via FaceTime and it was so special, even if we couldn’t tell them in person.
  • Also told our small group by accident at our Christmas Party. I was the only one not drinking wine so it was slightly obvious and the girls guessed it!

Gender prediction: I thought boy first, only because I felt so different these two weeks than I did with Adeline. But once I started throwing up at 8 weeks, I started having girl suspicions.

first trimester pregnancy update

9-10 weeks


  • Lots of dizziness, and having to lay down often to get it to go away. (This was awful!!)
  • Threw up just a few times each of these weeks.
  • Nauseous all day
  • Fatigue – taking naps every time Adeline napped on the weekend, sometimes napping through my ‘lunch break’ during the work day
  • Headaches
  • Waking up to pee twice a night


  • Deli sandwiches, i.e. Schlotzski’s
  • Salt & vinegar chips
  • Comfort food like meat + 3 meals
  • Mexican food
  • Vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting
  • Anything jalapeño, especially Chicken Express Mini Jalapeño Poppers (could seriously eat these every meal! Or bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers at our favorite bbq place!)
  • Coke, dark soda


  • Pizza
  • Anything with a strong smell

Feeling like: I just want to tell the world!! But still not feeling comfortable enough to tell many people. Also feeling so lethargic because exercise is so non-existent.

Memories: We had our first official OB apt at 10w1d. Ended up having another ultrasound and baby looked perfect. Its HR was in the 160’s, but measured closer to 9.5 weeks so my due date might not be so accurate.

Gender prediction: Still kind of thinking boy, but after throwing up, kind of thinking maybe it’s a girl. I’ve felt so awful though, and so, so exhausted that maybe it’s a boy wearing me out. Because with Adeline I was just really SICK, not necessarily tired to the bone all the time. I really just go back and forth and have no idea.

11-12 weeks


  • Peeing all the time
  • Throwing up everyday starting at 11 weeks + (week 12 was the worst so far)
  • Bladder has already given up on life
  • Still needing to lay down often, usually on my left side feels the best
  • Belly is starting to look “beer gut pregnant” and I’ve had to be careful about what tops I wear out and about or to church


  • Mostly the same as prior weeks
  • Doritos
  • Gyros (Yummm!)
  • Toast
  • Pretzals


  • Smells (specifically our pantry and Adeline’s yogurt, ick!)
  • Still not feeling pizza most of the time

Feeling like: If one more blogger or vlogger says “the first trimester just flies by when you’re pregnant with a toddler” I’m going to scream. This first trimester could not be going by any slower. It’s literally been a snail’s pace. Also starting to feel a little discouraged in the exercise department because I just don’t.feel.good. We’ve had a few longer family walks at the park or down to the playground with Adeline, but honestly, this pregnancy is kicking my tail and my energy levels have been completely tanked.

Memories: These weeks were mostly spent on the couch or in bed, so no big memories really stand out. I do remember feeling an overwhelming sense of confidence in this pregnancy. I’ve learned to completely give it to God, and trust that He’s got this. My gut feeling is right 99% of the time, and with this pregnancy I’ve never once felt like it was going to go wrong. Whereas before our miscarriage, I had a feeling deep, deep down that something just wasn’t right.

Gender prediction: No idea. No gut feeling. No dreams. Nada.

13-14 weeks


  • Throwing up basically everyday still, sometimes twice a day
  • Nauseous in the morning until lunch time and again around dinner time
  • Hot showers and blow drying my hair makes me feel fainty and I have to sit down for a bit afterwards
  • Morning sickness is way worse after a bad night’s sleep
  • Random smells have made me almost throw up a couple times
  • Had a couple days during these two weeks where I had decent energy and could run a few errands and get some stuff done around the house, which felt so nice!
  • Able to take a few more short walks


  • Mostly the same
  • Babe’s Fried Chicken + mashed potatoes
  • Vanilla milkshakes
  • Dr. Pepper, Juice, Passion Tea Lemonade…anything other than water
  • Root beer floats
  • Little Cuties


  • Certain smells still
  • Cheese enchiladas (I think I overdid the mexican food and one day just could NOT handle  a cheese enchilada)
  • Pretty much anything Adam suggests for lunch or dinner, ha! Trying to meal plan when pregnant is next to impossible!

Feeling like: This pregnancy is going by so slow, and I really, really want to feel more like myself again soon. I’ve also had a few emotional moments to myself thinking about how time with just Adeline being limited. She’s at the BEST age right now and I wish I could bottle up everything about her and keep her this way forever.

Memories: I swear I think I felt the baby move right at 14w2d. It was hard enough to stop me in my tracks and say aloud to Adam, “what was that?!” I’m sure he thought I was crazy, but it felt like something flicked the inside of my tummy, kind of like if you were to flick someone on the arm. It didn’t feel like a gas bubble, or a hunger pang, so it was most definitely some sort of SOMETHING. (or someone!). This is also the week we announced! So that was fun.

Gender prediction: Leaning towards thinking girl because she’s stealing all my beauty and I’m still throwing up! Adeline says she’s getting a “baby boy” but when you ask her what she wants she’ll say “a seester” so I think she too will be surprised either way!

15 weeks

This one gets its own update because this week was HARD!


  • Pretty good energy for the first couple days
  • Threw up every single day this week
  • Threw up a couple times in the kitchen sink, yikes!
  • Stomach bug from hell hit all 3 of us for two days
  • So tired
  • Heartburn


  • Mostly the same
  • Passion Tea Lemonade and Pedialyte
  • Little Cuties
  • Vanilla ice cream or whatever ice cream we had in the freezer
  • Not very many cravings because this week nothing sounded good at all


  • Pretty much everything, like I mentioned, just nothing sounded good

Feeling like: This week was so hard! I was able to get several things checked off my to-do list but I still didn’t feel good in the mornings. This week I also finally got ahold of some Phenergren to help take the edge off and I’ve been taking it as needed. I’ve also just felt not cute. Like you know when you haven’t felt good in months and you just don’t have the motivation to do your hair or makeup or even really care? Yea, we’re there.

Memories: Again feeling a teeny tiny baby movement, but not as strong as the one I felt the previous week.

Gender prediction: Kind of thinking girl, but honestly have NO idea.

16 weeks

And here we are! We’re flying into the 16th week, which means only 3 more weeks until our big anatomy scan and gender reveal! I actually had a very vivid dream last night that we were at our scan and the tech told us it was a girl, and I woke up thinking it was real and that we’d already had our scan. I don’t usually put much weight into dreams, but when I was pregnant with Adeline I had four really vivid girl dreams as well and they turned out to be spot on. So, we’ll see.

Currently I’m feeling like I 100% look pregnant, and there’s no hiding it anymore. I’m living in maternity leggings, maternity jeans, and whatever top I can find that fits. I’ve just recently busted out my old maternity tops because it’s getting ridiculous. The past fews days have marked the first time I’ve felt pregnant. And by that I mean, my BELLY feels pregnant and huge. Maybe I’ve just been ignoring my belly up until this point but I swear I woke up a couple days ago to a BUMP.

All in all, this pregnancy is different in a lot of ways to my first, but still so similar. I’m so excited to find out if we’re expecting a boy or girl, and I can’t wait to start clearing out the guest room to make way for nursery #2.



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    February 23, 2018 at 6:10 am

    Love you sweet girl

  • Reply
    February 23, 2018 at 7:07 am

    So darn cute! Wish you weren’t so sick. I hope it gets better soon. Your bump is adorable. I can’t even remember being pregnant, isn’t that funny? I do feel like my first trimester passed quickly BUT I wasn’t sick!!! Had I been so sick and waitign for that to be over, or even had MC on my brain, I never would have thought it went quickly. Hang in there. I can’t wait for you to find out if it’s a boy or girl!
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    • Reply
      March 1, 2018 at 9:51 pm

      Thanks friend! Me too. I don’t think I’ll ever know an enjoyable pregnancy, ha! And that is funny! I remember thinking the same thing shortly after A was born. It’s like the weirdest amnesia!

  • Reply
    February 23, 2018 at 11:10 am

    Aww, how cute! Maybe you’ll start to get some more energy soon? I’ve heard that the first trimester sucks all the life out of you so I’m praying you’ll feel a bit better in the upcoming weeks. Being sick while pregnant doesn’t sound like much fun though. It does sound like God has His hand over you and I pray that he continues to give you peace throughout your pregnancy!
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      March 1, 2018 at 9:50 pm

      Thank you!

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    February 23, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    Love this post, Sarah! So excited for you guys and I know you just can’t wait to find out what the gender is!! I’m so sorry you have been so sick and have thrown up so much… that is horrible! Here’s to hoping that the rest of your pregnancy has less sickness in it. Have a great weekend!!

    • Reply
      March 1, 2018 at 9:49 pm

      Thank you! I’m starting to feel better, so YAY for that!! And oh my goodness I can’t WAIT to find out the gender!

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    February 24, 2018 at 10:32 pm

    Man, I hope you’re feeling better soon!!! Your cravings crack me up- especially because I know A loves pizza!
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      March 1, 2018 at 9:49 pm

      I’m feeling better this week! PRAISE! Hahaha it’s been a weird ride!

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    February 25, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    I love how you wrote this recap!

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      March 1, 2018 at 9:48 pm

      Thank you Katie!

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