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Another truckee treat

Yesterday my husband and I were both sick, so my workout plan today needed to not be intense in any way. I’m always hesitant of getting back at it too quickly for fear that I’ll make myself sick again! I’d rather make myself rest than to get sicker and be out even longer! So, instead of going to the gym and pushing myself like crazy, I decided to take Truckee on a good walk. I made her promise me she would go 3 miles, and she got pretty dang close! Thankfully it was cloudy, and sprinkled most of the time so it wasn’t as hot as it’s been lately, and I didn’t feel like a bad doggy-mama for making her go so far with me. We started out down our street, then connected to the trail and walked to the small lake that’s closest to our house, Lake Valencia. This isn’t the lake that I usually talk about- this one is much smaller, but within a short walking distance from our house. Truckee loves it when I take her on long walks around this lake, she’s constantly smiling! Actually, she loves being near any body of water.

Every time I even go NEAR reaching for her leash, Truckee just about turns herself inside out doing flips and jumps. She spends our whole work day in her kennel, so as soon as she gets a chance to be free and play outside she’s ecstatic! Just like her mom. A girl after my own heart!

I tried to get her to walk at a pretty fast pace since I already dread walking in general, especially when I just want to run! She was pretty complacent, except that her labrador nose had to sniff nearly every piece of grass for the first five minutes. Once we got a little further along, she was happy to prance along beside me. I made her speed up and do a few quick running bursts here and there to get our heartbeats up and make our workout a little tougher than just a walk. (And, I MAY have made ooey gooey butter cake tonight and I wanted to really earn my large slice) Guilty!

When we got back up the last hill to our house, she was spent. We were at 2.88 miles, and she was panting like crazy! It was cloudy, but VERY humid.  I told her she got as close to our goal as possible, and I sent her inside to get some water, and gave her a quick rub down so she’d know I was proud of her! I ran back out the door, and did a quick run down to the closest cul-de-sac to finish off the 3 miles. If that’s not a tired pup, I don’t know what is! I always know when she got a good workout in when she plays dead on the kitchen floor.

Here’s our route, pretty simple. It’s a small lake, but the paved trail goes all the way around and connects to the dock on one side. We did two laps around the lake before heading back. Maumelle has so many trails and places for people to walk and run that it just amazes me! I love it so much- it’s so easy to get outside and GO!

Normally I would sigh at a 3 miler with a time of 42:48, but spending time with my dog, enjoying her company is worth it 🙂

Labrador retriever or bust!

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