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Adeline: 6 Month Update

And just like that we’ve got ourselves a six month old!! These past 6 months have flown by and I can’t believe I’m sitting down to write this update! This past half year has been the most amazing half year ever, like ever, in the history of time, and it’s only getting more and more fun by the second! Adeline turned 6 months old on April 22, and since then it’s been full speed ahead. She is rolling over like a crazy lady and will barely stay still for pictures. She is grabbing anything she can get her tiny, chubby hands on and to say these pictures were a struggle would be an understatement! I am LOVING this age though, and although a part of me grieves her newborn days, it’s hard for me to imagine not knowing what this personality of hers is like! If I knew then, in those dark first few weeks what I know now, things wouldn’t have seemed so hard! Everyone is so right when they talk about mommy-amnesia! (Even though there’s no way I’ll ever forget how horrid those first few weeks of no sleep and raging hormones are. Anyone who says they have is either so far removed from it or is lying through their teeth!)

Adeline is just so much fun now that all I want to do when I get off work is play! She is so entertaining, and keeps us laughing constantly. She is hilarious, and I know she gets her goofiness from Adam. She’s making noises and “talking” to herself all the time, and I can see those little wheels in her mind constantly turning! She’s discovering so much right now, and it is such a joy to watch!! I just want to pick her up and squeeze her to pieces, and I could pinch her thighs literally every second of every day. Her daycare teachers love her, and for that I am so thankful. She is in a great place, and I know she is having so much fun playing with friends during the day and being spoiled by mommy and daddy all night and weekend long. I feel like I am “living for the weekends”, and I’m trying really hard to be content and embrace it. Adeline is happy and healthy, and seeing how excited she is when we pick her up is enough to melt my heart after a long day! Our weekends are so much fun, and I look forward to them so much more now!

what to expect the first 6 months with baby girl

Let’s get to her update! If you’re curious about the past 5 months, check them out below…
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2016-04-26_001 2016-04-26_002


She weighs 16 lbs 3.9 oz which lands her in the 46%. She’s 27.5″ long, which puts her in the 96%, which seems kind of long, not sure where she’s getting her height from at the moment! I forget what her head circumference is, but it’s definitely growing too since I’ve noticed some of her headbands are too tight now. Her hair is also crazy these days, and we’re mostly sticking to clip-on bows, or headbands for the two seconds before she pulls them off. When I put her hair in a ponytail on top of her head, her teachers call her Pebbles.

Clothing wise she’s wearing 6 month, 6-9 month, and a handful of certain 6-12 month pieces. She can squeeze into some 3-6 month tops, but it’s kind of like squeezing sausage into its casing so we’re pretty much done with those. I’d say for the most part we’re in the 6-9 month outfits pretty consistently.

Diapers – she’s still in size 2, both daytime and nighttime diapers. We had a week where it was blowout city over here, and I wondered if it was her diapers, but I don’t think it is.

She feels bigger every time I pick her up and hold her! At night I almost can’t wrap her up and hold her “like a baby” anymore. She’s definitely a hip-sitter now for good I’d say, and doesn’t like to be held where she can’t see what’s going on or reach for things.

2016-04-26_003 2016-04-26_004 2016-04-26_005


  • Same as last month, plus…
  • Her carseat/stroller toy that sings and spins
  • Taking her sunglasses off (she’s learned how to grab them and pull them off and now it’s impossible to keep them on her!)
  • Splashing in the bath, trying to stretch out in the bath
  • “Standing up” in our laps. She’s so wiggly now that half the time I end up standing her up so she’ll be still! Especially at church. It’s basically just entertainment for whoever sits behind us.
  • Rolling over and over and over and over and over.
  • Scooting/rolling to her toys and grabbing them
  • Laughing. Her giggle is the cutest!!
  • Grabbing her pacis in her crib. I put both her Wubbanubs in her crib at night so she can always reach one and so far if she wakes up she’ll grab one and put herself back to sleep.
  • Her reflux medicine – we’re weaning her off of this, but whenever I open it to give it to her while she’s on the changing table she GETS SO EXCITED! I think she loves the taste of it, which is weird because I don’t think it’s supposed to taste good??
  • Playing silly games with daddy like peekaboo or some variation of it. She also finds it hilarious when he mimics her noises like when she hiccups.
  • Going out to dinner with us – I say this now only because I know it won’t be the case soon, but we’ve *thankfully* really gotten lucky and enjoyed bringing her with us out to eat. She just looks around and watches us eat and smiles at the waiter. I told Adam that this won’t last long and before we know it we’ll be toting an obnoxious toddler with us, ha!
  • Being picked up from school. She starts kicking and smiling and is so happy to see us!
  • Playing with her friends at school. She seems to be happy every morning I drop her off and it’s so cute to see her interact with the other babies!
  • Her teething toys, but if she’s naked because then they’re too cold. She loves her keys we put in the freezer, and loves her little necklace that we call “her purse”, and most recently she’s been loving her elephant teether toy that we call “ellie.” She goes.to.town. rubbing that thing on her gums!
  • Interacting with Mr Fox. This was a moment I never want to forget because it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and it almost made me cry it was so sweet. One afternoon I had her sitting in my lap and I picked up her fox stuffed animal and made him “talk” to her and she giggled and giggled and smiled and it just made me so happy!!!! I LOVED stuffed animals when I was little and so I’ve loved picking some out for Adeline and now seeing her finally acknowledge them is just heart warming.
  • Bouncing in the Jumparoo. Adam puts her in this more than I do so I haven’t seen it as much, but she’ll press the piano keys and tug at the little toy attachments and squeal and giggle.
  • Sucking on her fingers. This is a more recent development, but she’s been sucking on two fingers at a time and we think it’s just a teething thing. It’s impossible to get those hands out of her mouth!

2016-04-26_006 2016-04-26_007 2016-04-26_008


  • Same as last month, plus or more exaggerated…
  • LOUD people, screaming babies, sudden unexpected loud noises. Whew, she does NOT like people who are LOUD talkers. I can tell it definitely upsets her and makes her nervous. Maybe me and Adam need to start yelling at each other at home?
  • Switching sides when nursing. This is so weird, and it happens every single night. Even if she’s passed out cold on one side, and I go to switch her to the other, she instantly wakes up angry crying until I get her switched. I guess it’s basically like taking a paci away from her.
  • Not being able to reach her paci in her crib, or rolling over in her crib and not being able to settle back down. This doesn’t happen often, but I can tell it frustrates her.
  • Having socks on – she’s always barefoot.
  • Having blankets covering her legs – she kicks them off or finds a way to get her feet out. Never fails.
  • Putting headbands on. She suddenly hates when I put her headbands on and I really don’t know why. She’ll keep them on until she notices it’s on and then she’ll pull it off.
  • Getting dressed and undressed. She is so fussy whenever I change her clothes and I don’t know why either.
  • Riding in her stroller without the carseat if she doesn’t have her paci. Hates it still. If she has her paci though she’s ok. Still learning how she best likes riding in the stroller and figuring out what’s most comfortable for her.
  • Picking boogers out of her nose. There’s nothing more rewarding than pulling a big nasty booger out of my child’s nose so she can breathe better but she definitely doesn’t like it.
  • Getting overtired.
  • Being rocked and held on her side “like a baby.” She likes to sit kind of up against me or turned to her side so her head is up against me flat.
  • Having a diaper rash. At the end of the month we dealt with her first bath diaper rash for well over a week and it was hard on all of us. It’s finally cleared up.
  • When strangers get down in her face. I wouldn’t like that either.

2016-04-26_011 2016-04-26_012


  • First time really rolling over and over and over nonstop.
  • First time time trying baby food! (She tried sweet potato for the first time a few days after she turned 6 months old, details in next month’s update!)
  • First time having a diaper rash
  • First time hearing her “pain” cry (from diaper rash)
  • Blowing through her lips
  • First time starting to suck on her fingers
  • First time meeting Olivia/Brian and Becca/Andy
  • First time to Truck to Table at church
  • First Easter (I put this on her 5 month update, but I think it was actually after that…)
  • First time attending a race
  • First time really grabbing larger objects
  • First time “sitting” for like a split second and then she folds over

2016-04-26_013 2016-04-26_014

Current Routine/Sleep

It’s pretty much the same routine as long month, and her sleep is also still pretty consistent. For the most part, I can get her down in her crib between 7:30-8 and we’ll wake her up between 6-6:30. She still sleeps in her Halo Sleep Sack (without the swaddle feature) and still seems pretty happy with it. I’m not in a huge hurry to take it away because she still has plenty of room in it and I don’t want to disrupt her sleep just yet until I think she can handle it. I tried one night putting her in her crib in nothing, like just in her jammies, and she basically rolled around and couldn’t get comfortable so I went back in and put her in her sleep sack and she fell right asleep. I know at daycare she naps in nothing, and at home she naps in nothing, so I know at some point she’ll be fine sleeping without the sleep sack. She seems to prefer sleeping on her side, or occasionally her back. I think eventually she’ll like sleeping on her tummy, but she’s not acting like she wants to get there anytime soon. She’s just about outgrown her Rock n Play as well, and is pretty squished in it when I let her hang out in it. Some friends of ours are borrowing it soon anyways, so we’ll be saying goodbye to it for good!

Our after-work routine is really the only current hiccup. And it’s not even that big of a hiccup. But lately we’ve been experimenting with me nursing her when we get home, and letting her stay up longer with us playing and putting her in the bath a little later. (Mainly out of my own selfish reasons because I want to spend more time with her, and if we take a walk after work that puts us behind “schedule” a bit too.) We need to figure out how we’re going to start incorporating her actual dinner feedings (yay solids! Eek!) and how to better time everything. It will just be trial and error until we get into a groove. She’s just so much fun right now that some nights I don’t WANT to put her in the bath at 7 because it’s still light outside and I want to play until it’s dark!

2016-04-26_015 2016-04-26_016 2016-04-26_017

Eating Habits

Same as long month – still nursing her in the morning, then she gets 3 4oz bottles at school, then I nurse her before bedtime. Sometimes I squeeze in an extra nursing session when we get home depending on the timing of things. She was officially exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of her life! I’m still pumping 3x at work, and stockpiling what I can in the freezer. We officially have milk in the freezer that will be good until her first birthday so that makes me feel much better. I know once we start really getting into solids my supply might take a hit, but I’m hoping it’s nothing major. Still doing what we were doing last month, sending freezer milk to school, and freezing what I pump that day. Pumping at work is tough, and it’s really kind of a nuisance if we’re being honest. There have been some days where I haven’t wanted to pump that third time so I’ll just nurse her as soon as we get home. If I can pump enough for the next day in two pumpings, I find it really hard to be motivated to pump that third time even though I know I need to. I’m thankful for having success so far, because I know it can really be a struggle for some moms, so please don’t think I’m trying to sound ungrateful. But, pumping is just not fun. I’ll leave it at that.

2016-04-26_018 2016-04-26_019

Little Things I Want to Always Remember

  • Once again, her thighs and legs, especially when I stand her up in front of me
  • How her eyelashes sometimes touch her eyebrows
  • How she squeals with excitement when I start the bath water
  • How grumbly she is when we wake her up in the morning but then she starts smiling
  • How cuddly she is at night when I’m rocking her to sleep
  • How giggly she has become
  • How she talks to herself in the backseat
  • How her hair color constantly has me questioning what it will actually be
  • How when we nurse she puts her hand on my chest
  • How she puts her whole foot (it seems) in her mouth constantly
  • When I’m trying to take pictures of her and she keeps turning over and thinks she’s being silly
  • How quickly she snatches up her Wubbanub and puts her paci in her mouth
  • How she “flys” with dad and has a huge smile on her face
  • How she giggles when we sing, “the wheels on the bus go ha ha ha…”
  • How she crosses her legs sometimes when she nurses like she’s totally chillin’
  • How she’ll put out her arms and reach for me

Happy half birthday, sweet girl!

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    Katie @ Live Half Full
    April 27, 2016 at 10:33 pm

    While our routine is very similar, Buel eats SO MUCH. LOL He is currently eating five, 8 oz bottles per day! 🙂
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      Sweet Miles
      May 3, 2016 at 10:55 am

      Hahaha hungry boy!!!! That is hilarious!

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    Amanda @ ExploringLifeAndThings
    April 28, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    She is SO CUTE! The pictures with her and her stuffed animals are so adorable:)

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      May 3, 2016 at 10:55 am

      Thank you Amanda!! So I am dying to get a picture of her sitting up with all of her stuffed animals around her…eventually!

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