A “Fairy” Wonderful Weekend

Hi friends!

Hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine was! This will be a short and sweet post because this girl has got to get to bed!

We spent the beautiful warm weekend in Dallas, TX with my husband’s side of the family for our niece’s 3rd birthday party. While we were down there, we were also able to see our nephew’s first soccer game, and get lots of baby lovin’ in!

Of course the weekend wouldn’t be complete without a run, so Saturday morning my husband and I took a quick 20 minute run around the neighborhood. I’m slowly but surely starting to feel like I have my strength back from being sick, so getting out and stretching my legs felt AMAZING. It’s been killing me that I haven’t been able to exert much energy lately, but I know it’s for the best and the rest is much needed. I’m hoping to get in a few short runs after work this week and work my way back up to where I was before the Bronchitis hit two weeks ago! Such a bummer, but I’m 99% positive it was God’s way of saying, “SLOW DOWN!” Ok, ok, I get it.

running on vacation

Running with the hubs makes my heart so happy! We don’t run TOGETHER often, so it’s always a treat when I can make him come with me! And actually, this was HIS idea, so that worked out nicely! We honestly probably only squeezed in two miles, if that, but exercise is exercise in my book, especially when I’m trying really hard not to over do it. I don’t have a race lined up until a 10k in May, so April will be a recovery month!

I always like to make it a point to do at least one active thing while we’re traveling or “on vacation” because I hate to get out of the habit and/or feel like I can’t eat a few extra treats while I’m there! And it’s a good way to really experience where I am, and get some fresh air! Plus, it always boosts my energy, puts me in a good mood, and makes me feel productive. Win-win-win.

Birthday time!

I’ll leave you with a few snapshots of the party! The theme was “fairies” and my sister-in-law did such a great job putting it all together! How cute were all of her decorations?! For snacks she had Chick-Fil-A nuggets, cupcakes, banana chips, pretzels, and gummy worms. You know, typical fairy and gnome food!

And birthday girl Layla, she’s a doll!






There were wings for all of the little girls to wear. Too cute!


That’s my other niece, Maggie. Stylin’ in her shades.











Proud big brother, Rhett!


Birthday girl admiring all of her presents.



So thankful to be able to celebrate these special times!

How was your weekend? Do you make it a point to exercise when you travel? Been to any kids birthdays lately?

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  1. says

    Such a cute party with creative decorations! Wings and wands? Those little kids were probably in heaven! Glad you are feeling better. I have had two colds within 3 weeks, ugh, so I know where you are coming from on a slightly lesser level, but still exhausting me
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…A Gender Reveal Party: MIMMMy Profile

    • Sweet Miles says

      Haha I think the little girls LOVED it!! Thank you! I know, I’m so glad I’m feeling better too!! Oh boo, two colds back to back?? Bummer!! I hope you start feeling better too and can get some good rest!!

    • Sweet Miles says

      I’m with ya! Anything to get me moving and in a good mood before the day’s events is great! I think I would have loved that as a kid as well :)

  2. says

    I’m glad you are feeling better! And we were so lose this weekend! I am from the Dallas area. :) It has been a while since I have been to a little kid’s birthday party, but I always think they are so fun! I’m glad you had fun with your family! Oh and I love the pictures! The quality is amazing! What kind of camera do you have?

  3. says

    Absolutely love this post! The birthday pics are adorable. The cupcakes with the “3” is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen — might have to steal for my niece’s upcoming bday! And I so feel you on being sick and not being able to exert much energy on workouts… I have a bad cold right now and I have been resting, and it has been killing me! But I know it’s for the best in the long run– we’ve gotta take care of our bods!

    Jordan @ The Blonde Vegan recently posted…Mexico: What I Ate, Learning to Relax & More!My Profile

    • Sweet Miles says

      Thanks! It was so cute! I’m not sure I could pull off such a cute party :) Oh no, I hope you feel better!!! Colds are such a hard thing to get rid of!

  4. says

    Sweet little girly birthday party:) The last kids party I was at was a superhero themed party (pretty cool for 4 year old boys) I wish my hubby would run with me! He stays with my little baby and lets me go. I stay close to home just in case he gets hungry and needs me (the baby, not hubby haha)
    Heidi @ Idlehide recently posted…Anointment Baby Skin Care GIVEAWAYMy Profile

    • Sweet Miles says

      This same SIL actually threw a superhero party for Layla’s big brother last year!! It’s SUCH a cute idea for boys!! And 4 year old boys are so fun! That’s probably a good idea that you stay close to home, that little baby might need you! :)

    • Sweet Miles says

      Hahaha yes! It stinks when you push it so hard that you eventually feel pain, then you know you definitely need to slow down!

    • Sweet Miles says

      Aw thanks Cassie!! They are pretty stinkin’ cute :) And she is amazing!! You should see some of her previous parties!

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