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A Detailed Look Into Beautycounter’s Skincare Collections + A Fun Incentive To Join

So you’ve been hearing all about Beautycounter lately, whether it’s in the press, or on social media, or even just through me. And it occurred to me, that you may be curious about some of Beautycouter’s most basic offerings – their skincare collections! These are a great place to begin with Beautycounter, so I’m here to break them down.

Beautycounter’s skincare collections are built with the idea that one would purchase either the collection as a whole, or simply purchase products as needed, in order to form a new daily skincare regimen. (We also offer 4 piece regimens that are already curated for you!) Of course, you could always mix and match products – I have a pretty good mix myself, but tend to gravitate towards a certain collection as a whole. I’m a big fan of the Countermatch collection currently, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

A daily skincare regimen acts as the foundation for everything else you apply on your face. It’s imperative that you begin your clean beauty swap by starting at the very bottom, because if you aren’t taking care of your skin at the most basic level, no amount of makeup in the world will be able to fix or help your skin in the long run. Plus, healthier skin typically means a happier you! Just like with any other aspect of our body, if we work to take care of the underlying issues first, everything else will work smoother and more efficiently! I’m on a mission in 2019 to take better care of myself – my fitness, my diet, and even my skin.

Now that I’m entering a new decade, it’s high-time I take my skincare routine SERIOUSLY and protect my skin now, so I don’t have as much work to do later. Isn’t that how the old saying goes? “If we knew then what we know now?” Turns out, we do know quite a few things now, and if you haven’t considered getting started on safer, cleaner products for your face, the clock is tickin’ my friends! Now is the time to start making smarter choices, and be kinder to your skin. Knowledge is power, and Beautycounter has worked tirelessly to do all of the research and legwork for you.

But, it can certainly be overwhelming. The thought of overhauling your routine, or even just adding in a single new product can feel uncomfortable. I thought I’d break down Beautycounter’s collections for you, to try and give you a good point of reference as you begin your journey to safer skincare.

As a reminder, all of Beautycounter’s products go through one of the most rigorous ingredient screening processes in the industry, and we’ve banned over 1,500 questionable or harmful ingredients from our lineup. Every product is safe, highly effective, and overall better for you. I’ve also found my personal products to all be very gentle, and I truly look forward to my routine every day!

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Ok, let’s dive a little deeper –

Countercontrol – This collection is perfect for those with acne prone skin, or who have particularly oily skin. It is said to control oil, clear breakouts, purify pores, and balance out your skin. Countercontrol products are free of harsh ingredients, which keeps them non-irritating. Products in this collection range from $22-$39.

Countermatch – This collection contains our patent-pending Bio-Mimic Technology to exactly match the composition of skin, delivering precisely what it needs and nothing it doesn’t. Every product is plant-based and helps provide optimal hydration, smoothness, and a radiant glow. This is my personal favorite line – it’s super hydrating, while still providing anti-aging properties my skin is craving. Products in this collection range from $42-$69.

Rejuvenating – This collection is our most expensive, but also the most ‘luxorious’ I would say. It’s considered advanced anti-aging, and is perfect for ‘mature’ skin or those who prefer more anti-aging benefits. Products in this collection fight signs of aging, replenish skin, and provide antioxidant protection. Products range from $43-$73.

Nourishing – This collection is actually our original skincare collection, and the collection that I started out using 3 years ago! It’s coconut oil based, and very gentle. It’s a great everyday solution, if you’re looking to minimize bells and whistles. It’s hydrating, and light. Products in this collection range from $29-$49.

Counterman – This collection is for the men in our lives! It contains safer grooming and beard products, perfect for either a clean shaven dude or a burly bearded fellow. These products contain a Sequoia Stem Cell Complex and help to protect our guys’ skin from everyday stress. Products in this collection range from $19-$36.

If you’re still unsure where to start, check out this skincare quiz to find your perfect match!

A Fun Incentive

I would love nothing more than to have you join my team, and help spread the mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone. However, I know some barriers to saying ‘yes’ and taking that leap can be financial. I’m hoping to reach some personal goals of mine this month and next, and wanted to offer a fun incentive to anyone who’s seriously considering becoming a Beautycouter consultant, and starting their own journey. The next two ladies who join my team, by the end of April (2019), AND who spend at least $125 at time of enrollment (in addition to the enrollment fee), I will personally send you a $50 Visa gift card to help you get your business off the ground. Use this gift card to either invest in more product you’d like to try, or use it for business supplies such as thank you notes, postage stamps, sample jars, or washi tape and stickers. I want you to be successful, and enjoy it as much as I have!

BONUS: BC just released a limited time promo for now through March 28, or while supplies last – spend $125 and receive a FREE travel size #1 Brightening Facial Oil. I’ve been using this exact same oil for over 3 years now, and will typically add just 1-2 drops into my daily moisturizer for an extra boost of hydration, and glow. It’s seriously…THE.BEST. This oil also contains Vitamin C – an added perk for your skin!

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out via Instagram or shoot me an email at sarahingle.bc@gmail.com.

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